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plotly - An interactive graphing library for R

  •    R

An R package for creating interactive web graphics via the open source JavaScript graphing library plotly.js.NOTE: The CRAN version of plotly is designed to work with the CRAN version of ggplot2, but at least for the time being, we recommend using the development versions of both plotly and ggplot2 (devtools::install_github("hadley/ggplot2")).

plotly.R - An interactive graphing library for R

  •    R

An R package for creating interactive web graphics via the open source JavaScript graphing library plotly.js. Moreover, since ggplotly() returns a plotly object, you can apply essentially any function from the R package on that object. Some useful ones include layout() (for customizing the layout), add_traces() (and its higher-level add_*() siblings, for example add_polygons(), for adding new traces/data), subplot() (for combining multiple plotly objects), and plotly_json() (for inspecting the underlying JSON sent to plotly.js).

Shiny - Iridescent Effect View (inspired by Apple Pay Cash) ✨

  •    Swift

Shiny is an iOS library that generates an iridescent effect view matched to the gyroscope, similar to the Apple Pay Cash card in the Wallet app. You must call startUpdates() for the instance to observe motion changes. Calling stopUpdates() on the instance will stop motion updates.

shinyjs - Easily improve the user experience of your Shiny apps in seconds

  •    R

shinyjs lets you perform common useful JavaScript operations in Shiny apps that will greatly improve your apps without having to know any JavaScript. Examples include: hiding an element, disabling an input, resetting an input back to its original value, delaying code execution by a few seconds, and many more useful functions for both the end user and the developer. shinyjs can also be used to easily call your own custom JavaScript functions from R.

heroku-buildpack-r - Heroku buildpack for R (http://www.r-project.org)

  •    Shell

NOTE: This version is DEPRECATED. Please use the heroku-16 branch. This is a Heroku buildpack for applications which use R for statistical computing and CRAN for R packages.

DT - R Interface to the jQuery Plug-in DataTables

  •    R

This package provides a function datatable() to display R data via the DataTables library (N.B. not to be confused with the data.table package). See the full documentation at https://rstudio.github.io/DT. Please use Github issues only if you want to file bug reports or feature requests, and you are expected to ask questions on StackOverflow with at least the tags r and dt.

de - A Programmer's Text Editor

  •    Go

It's kind of like a bastard child of vim and Plan 9's acme editor, because vim feels inadequate on a computer with a mouse after using acme, and acme feels inadequate on a computer with a keyboard after using vi. Like vim, it's a modal editor with syntax highlighting that uses hjkl for movement. Like acme, it attempts to exploit your current OS environment instead of replacing it and tries to make the mouse useful.

explor - Interfaces for Multivariate Analysis in R

  •    R

explor is an R package to allow interactive exploration of multivariate analysis results. For each type of analysis, explor launches a shiny interactive Web interface which is displayed inside RStudio or in your system Web browser. This interface provides both numerical results as dynamic tables (sortable and searchable thanks to the DT package) and interactive graphics thanks to the scatterD3 package. You can zoom, drag labels, hover points to display tooltips, hover legend items to highlights points, and the graphics are fully updatable with animations which can give some visual clues. You can also export the current plot as an SVG file or get the R code to reproduce it later in a script or document.

scatterD3 - R scatter plot htmlwidget based on D3.js

  •    Javascript

scatterD3 is an HTML R widget for interactive scatter plots visualization. It is based on the htmlwidgets R package and on the d3.js javascript library. Take a look at the visual guide for a list of features and examples. You can also test it live with the sample shiny app.

delab-matury - Analiza i wizualizacja danych maturalnych z lat 2010-2014

  •    Jupyter

Analiza danych maturalnych z lat 2010-2014, związana z projektem Analiza i wizualizacja danych maturalnych, przeprowadzonego w ramach DELab Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego. Niniejszy raport przedstawia wyniki uzyskane w mikrograncie DELab UW “Analiza i interaktywna wizualizacja danych maturalnych”, realizowanym w okresie kwiecień-lipiec 2015. Przeanalizowano dane maturalne z lat 2010-2014 pochodzące ze zbioru Zespołu Pomiaru Dydaktycznego Instytutu Badań Edukacyjnych. W niniejszym raporcie zaprezentowano główne wyniki oraz opisano stworzone wizualizacje: wspólnego wybierania matur, rozkładów wyników w zależności od czynników demograficznych i własności szkół średnich, porównania wyników między województwami oraz uczestnictwa w olimpiadach przedmiotowych i ich związek z wynikami matur.

taskviewr - Shiny app for browsing R packages by CRAN Task Views and license info

  •    R

This Shiny application was created by Mikhail Popov to quickly browse packages and their licenses using a snapshot of task views retrieved on 2018-03-13. Not all packages available on CRAN are shown here, just the ones in CRAN's Task Views. Case insensitive regular expressions are enabled for filtering, so "r (client|wrapper)" is a valid filter on the title column. Thanks to Maëlle Salmon for enabling the authors field. R packages used in the creation of this app include: ctv (for getting the list of packages in each task view), purrr + dplyr (for manipulating the acquired data), crandb for obtaining licensing and other details for each package, and shiny + shinythemes + DT for surfacing all of that data (which is available as a CSV). Garrick Aden-Buie used stringr to make package URLs into clickable links (thanks!). The source code is available on GitHub.

DesktopDeployR - A framework for deploying self-contained R-based applications to the desktop

  •    R

Allows developers to share R based applications to users as desktop applications by providing both a portable R executable environment and a private application package library. Software Developers and Research Scientists who need to share applications in an environment where installing system / OS level software can be challenging and where use of other isolation and portability techniques (e.g. Docker containers) is not feasible.

shiny-directory-input - An shiny input widget for selecting directories

  •    R

Provides an input for users to select directories via an interactive, and os native dialog, rather than having to type in paths in a textInput(). NOTE: This is intended to only be used with locally run shiny applications. It will not work on server deployed applications because it uses OS shell calls to present a directory choosing dialog. There is currently no way (that I'm aware) of securely presenting a client side directory selection dialog from a hosted web application.

shiny-pager-ui - A paging input for R/Shiny applications

  •    Javascript

A generic pager widget for R/Shiny based applications. Provide paging abilities to data sets that require more processing / rendering than a table.

caRtola - Extração de dados da API do CartolaFC, análise exploratória dos dados e modelos preditivos em R e Python - 2014-17

  •    Jupyter

Este repositório tem como objetivo disponibilizar todos os dados do Cartola FC desde sua criação em 2014. Nós também tentamos prever a pontuação de cada jogador no Brasileirão. Ah, o nosso modelo preditivo é de domínio público também! Quer saber como ele foi treinado e como você pode utilizá-lo? Confira aqui.

TagAnomaly - Anomaly detection analysis and labeling tool, specifically for multiple time series (one time series per category)


Anomaly detection labeling tool, specifically for multiple time series (one time series per category). This project welcomes contributions and suggestions. Most contributions require you to agree to a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) declaring that you have the right to, and actually do, grant us the rights to use your contribution. For details, visit https://cla.microsoft.com.

shinyWidgets - shinyWidgets : Extend widgets available in shiny

  •    R

You can replace classical checkboxes with switch button, add colors to radio buttons and checkbox group, use buttons as radio or checkboxes. Each widget has an update method to change the value of an input from the server. You can find an introduction (in french) here.

ECharts2Shiny - To insert interactive charts from ECharts into R Shiny applications (在R Shiny app中插入ECharts可交互图形)

  •    R

ECharts2Shiny package itself is under GPL-2. The ECharts JS library is under BSD license (ECharts).

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