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image-resizer - On-the-fly image resizing using Node.js and GraphicsMagick. Heroku Ready!

  •    Javascript

image-resizer is a Node.js application that sits as a custom origin to your CDN and will resize/optimise images on-the-fly. It is Heroku ready, but can also be deployed easily to any cloud provider (has been used with success on AWS). The primary goal for this project was to abstract the need to set image dimensions during the upload and storage phase of images in a modern web application.

gulp-responsive - gulp-responsive generates images at different sizes

  •    Javascript

gulp-responsive depends on sharp. Sharp is one of the fastest Node.js modules for resizing JPEG, PNG, WebP and TIFF images. If you are using Mac OS then before installing gulp-responsive you should install the libvips library. Further information and instructions can be found in the sharp installation guide.

svelte-image - Image (pre)processing with Sharp for Svelte

  •    Javascript

Svelte image is a preprocessor which automates image optimization using sharp. Image component enables lazyloading and serving multiple sizes via srcset.


  •    CSharp

SharpTar is simple and lightweight library to handle operations on tar files. Works with Mono and .NET from version 2.0 up to 4.5.

Breakout Sharp

  •    CSharp

Breakout Sharp is a C# remake of the classical Breakout game. It's a hobby project made by a 1st year student. So don't expect this to be professional game- or code design.


  •    CSharp

SharpScript is a project based on SharpScriptLib for executing c# code from command line or from GUI based on Winforms for windows users or GTK for linux users. Currenty only support Command Line mode.



SharpNotes is a great way to do your text stuff. It makes it easier for all users to edit their text files! It's developed in C# .NET. SharpNotes has very usefull and funny features! You can generate word lists from your text files or -for writers- you can analyze your text.

sharp-cli - CLI for sharp.

  •    Javascript

CLI for sharp. Issues with the output should be reported on the sharp issue tracker.

gulp-sharp - Gulp plugin to resize image using sharp (libvips binding for nodejs)

  •    Javascript

Because of other occupation, I can't maintain it anymore. If you find this project usefull, please fork it. Please note that new issues / pr messages will be ignored. Thanks.

sharp-loader - webpack + sharp image processing.

  •    Javascript

Use sharp to automatically generate image assets with webpack. IMPORTANT: You need to have vips installed for sharp to work. The sharp npm module may attempt to do this for you, it may not.

retinal - 🏙 Retinal is a Serverless AWS Lambda service for resizing images on-demand or event-triggered

  •    Javascript

Serverless Framework-based AWS Lambda function triggered by S3 events to resize images with the excellent Sharp module. By using the Sharp module (which uses the libvips library), image processing can be 3x-5x faster than using ImageMagick, thus reducing the time your function spends running, which can potentially dramatically decrease your lambda function's cost. The function's behaviour can be controlled entirely with configuration. A tool to take images uploaded to an S3 bucket and produce one or more images of varying sizes, optimizations and other operations all controlled from a simple configuration file. It does this by creating an AWS Lambda function with the help of the Serverless Framework.

express-sharp - Real-time image processing for your express application.

  •    Javascript

express-sharp adds real-time image processing routes to your express application. Images are processed with sharp, a fast Node.js module for resizing images. See sharp installation for additional installation instructions.

gulp-scale-images - Gulp plugin to resize each image into multiple smaller variants.

  •    Javascript

Gulp plugin to make each image smaller. Combined with flat-map, you can create multiple variantes per image, which is useful for responsive images. Note: You must specify at least one of maxWidth and maxHeight.

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