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luci-app-shadowsocks - OpenWrt/LEDE LuCI for Shadowsocks-libev

  •    Shell

本软件包是 shadowsocks-libev 的 LuCI 控制界面, 方便用户控制和使用「透明代理」「SOCKS5 代理」「端口转发」功能. 软件包的正常使用需要依赖 iptables 和 ipset. 软件包不显式依赖 shadowsocks-libev, 会根据用户添加的可执行文件启用相应的功能. 可执行文件可通过安装 openwrt-shadowsocks 中提供的 shadowsocks-libev 获得. 只有当文件存在时, 相应的功能才可被使用, 并显示相应的 LuCI 设置界面.

ansible-shadowsocks-libev - Ansible role for shadowsocks-libev

  •    Shell

Install shadowsocks-libev via Ansible. This role requires Ansible 1.6 or higher and platform requirements are listed in the metadata file.

shadowsocks-restful-api - Secure, reliable, standard restful api for managing shadowsocks-libev

  •    Javascript

A secure, reliable, standard restful api for managing shadowsocks-libev. A web app that manages users, server, nodes, products, accounts, and traffic can be found from shadowsocks-hub.

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