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nutmeg-cli - Build, test, and publish vanilla Web Components with a little spice

  •    TypeScript

🚧 Nutmeg is in active development and it's APIs are still in flux. Nutmeg is here to help you build, test, and publish Web Components in minutes.

shadydom - ShadowDOM v1 shim

  •    HTML

ShadyDOM provides a shim for ShadowDOM V1. It is less correct but less intrusive and faster than the ShadowDOM Polyfill. Usage of the shim is transparent when attachShadow is unavailable. Elements are patched as needed to report ShadowDOM correct dom information. Only dom tree accessors and mutation api is maintained. Some dom api (for example MutationObservers) is not shimmed.

shadow-selection-polyfill - Polyfill for shadowRoot.getSelection() in Safari

  •    Javascript

Safari supports .attachShadow() to create a Shadow Root, but does not support programatically retrieving user selection within this root. ⚠️ As of April 2018, this polyfill only supports Safari, but is safe to include in other browsers supporting Shadow DOM (e.g. Chrome).