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  •    JQuery

Allows you to use the jQuery.Deferred mechanism in combination with setTimeout and setInterval.

tick-tock - Timer management, never forget to clear timers again.

  •    Javascript

tick-tock is a small timer and setTimeout management library. Nothing to fancy, but fancy enough to make your code more readable.The setTimeout method adds as you might have expected.. a new setTimeout. The timeouts are stored based on the name that your provide them. If you've already stored a timer with the given name, it will add the supplied callback to the same stack so only one timer is used and they all run at the same time. Normally you would supply the setTimeout method with a number indicating long it should timeout. In this library we also support human readable strings.

temporal - Non-blocking, temporal task sequencing. For use with robots built with Johnny-Five

  •    Javascript

Non-blocking, temporal task sequencing. temporal does NOT use setTimeout or setInterval, however there is a cost for using "recursive" setImmediate to create an extremely fast, async execution loop. CPU usage is expected to peak when using temporal, because the internal ticker needs to execute as fast as possible and as many times per second as possible. It's this speed that allows temporal to review the internal schedule for tasks to execute more than once per millisecond, which is needed to create preferential execution cycles for hardware programming.temporal is not good for sparse task scheduling.

co-wait - setTimeout generator style

  •    Javascript

setTimeout generator style.Wait for ms milliseconds before yielding.

level-schedule - Durable job scheduler based on LevelDB

  •    Javascript

Durable job scheduler based on LevelDB. If the process is restarted it will transparently resume where it stopped.Print some JSON after 5s, even if the process restarts.

delayed - A collection of JavaScript helper functions for your functions, using setTimeout() to delay and defer

  •    Javascript

Delayed is designed for use across JavaScript platforms, including the browser and within Node.js. It conforms to CommonJS and AMD and can be included within an Ender build. It is available in npm (for Node.js and Ender) as "delayed" or can be downloaded straight from GitHub repository.delay() is an interface to setTimeout() but with better this handling and consistent cross-browser argument passing.

p-min-delay - Delay a promise a minimum amount of time

  •    Javascript

While the delay module delays the promise a specified amount of time and then resolves it, this module ensures the promise resolves after the specified amount of time.Useful when you have a promise that may settle immediately or may take some time, and you want to ensure it doesn't settle too fast. For example, if you want to show a loading indicator for at least 1 second (but longer if needed) to prevent a confusing flash in the UI.

max-timeout - The max amount of milliseconds you can pass to `setTimeout()`

  •    Javascript

A value larger than the one returned from this module, 2147483647 (~25 days), is too big to fit into a signed 32-bit integer, which is how JS engines store it, and will cause overflow, resulting in the timeout being scheduled immediately.

await-timeout - A Promise-based API for setTimeout / clearTimeout

  •    Javascript

Constructs new timeout instance. It does not start timer but creates variable for timer manipulation.

sob - Schedule on Browser

  •    Javascript

This is a zero dependencies utility to manage, in a simple and fully cross browser way, calls to requestAnimationFrame and requestIdleCallback. New in version 0.1.0 the ability to schedule regular timeouts and intervals only when the tab is visible, saving operations for when the user needs them, as opposite to regardless.

retimer - reschedulable setTimeout for you node needs

  •    Javascript

reschedulable setTimeout for you node needs. This library is built for building a keep alive functionality across a large numbers of clients/sockets. Reschedule the timer, if the specified timeout comes after the original timeout.

wait - Syntactic sugar for setTimeout and setInterval.

  •    Javascript

Syntactic sugar for setTimeout and setInterval. Sugar for setTimeout.

nanodelay - A tiny (28 bytes) Promise wrapper around setTimeout

  •    Javascript

A tiny Promise wrapper around setTimeout for JavaScript. Returns a Promise and resolve it after a specific amount of time. Only 28 bytes (minified and gzipped). It is 10 times smaller than delay library.

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