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statty - A tiny and unobtrusive state management library for React and Preact apps

  •    Javascript

Most of the time, I see colleagues starting React projects setting up Redux + a bunch of middlewares and store enhancers by default, regardless of the project nature.Despite Redux being awesome, it's not always needed and it may slow down the process of onboarding new developers, especially if they are new to the React ecosystem (I have often seen colleagues being stuck for hours trying to understand what was the proper way to submit a simple form).

react-stateful-fn - ⚛ Stateful functional components for React.

  •    Javascript

Let's have a look at everyone's favorite sample code: A simple counter widget.As you can see, functional stateful components are good friends with functional setState.

with-reducer - 🔨 React HoC setState with reducer

  •    Javascript

React High order Component that allow you to dispatch actions with no need of redux as dependency. Redux architecture is really nice, but you might not need it, instead you can only use setState.

refunk - :headphones: Simple React functional setState

  •    Javascript

Refunk components initialize state from props and provide an update function to their consumers. When nesting Refunk components, the top-most component will control state for any child Refunk components. The update function works the same as setState, but it's intended to be used with separate updater functions, that can be shared across many parts of an application.

react-native-TouchableSetActive - Touchable component for React Native that enables more advanced styling by setting an active state

  •    Javascript

Touchable component for React Native that enables more advanced styling by setting an active state. Most useful for building your own touchable/button components on top of. First, require the TouchableSetActive component in your project.

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