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Service Bus Samples


Samples, Code Snippets and Utilities for developers using the Windows Azure Service Bus.

servicebus - Simple service bus for sending events between processes using amqp.

  •    Javascript

Simple service bus for sending events between processes using amqp. Allows for send/receive and publish/subscribe pattern messaging over RabbitMQ. Simply running multiple versions of Process A, above, will cause servicebus to distribute sent messages evenly accross the list of listeners, in a round-robin pattern.

rabbus - A micro-service bus with built-in messaging patterns, for NodeJS and RabbitMQ

  •    Javascript

A highly opinionated, yet minimal, set of message bus abstractions for NodeJS. It is built on top of RabbitMQ, with rabbot as the primary library for working with RabbitMQ. The items on the left are "producers" as they produce a message for RabbitMQ to route and handle. Items on the right are "consumers" as they consume a message from a queue in RabbitMQ.

azure-service-bus - ☁️ Azure Service Bus service issue tracking and samples


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node-qpid - A Node

  •    C++

It expects you to already have version 0.3 of the qpid-proton library installed on your (Linux) system.

azure-service-bus-go - Golang library for Azure Service Bus -- https://aka.ms/azsb

  •    Go

Microsoft Azure Service Bus is a reliable cloud messaging service (MaaS) which simplifies enterprise cloud messaging. It enables developers to build scalable cloud solutions and implement complex messaging workflows over an efficient binary protocol called AMQP. This library provides a simple interface for sending, receiving and managing Service Bus entities such as Queues, Topics and Subscriptions.

Obvs - An observable microservice bus

  •    CSharp

An observable microservice bus .NET library that wraps the underlying transport in simple Rx based interfaces.