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NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager

  •    C++

nssm is a service helper which doesn't suck. nssm monitors the running service and will restart it if it dies. It logs its progress to the system Event Log so you can get some idea of why an application isn't behaving as it should.

authn-server - Authentication service that keeps you in control without forcing you to be an expert in web security

  •    Go

This repository builds a backend Go service that provides secured endpoints related to accounts and passwords. You must integrate it with your application's frontend(s) and backend(s). If you are missing a client library, please submit a request.

badgen-service - Fast svg badge generating service

  •    Javascript

Home of badgen.net, fast badge generating service. Then, logically, Badgen Service was born. I had a good time with shields.io, but as time goes by Shields gets slower, leaves more and more broken badges in READMEs. Badgen is trying to be a fast alternative with simplicity and flexibility. Its codebase is simple (2K LoCs vs Shields' 22K LoCs), well structured and fun to develop - it is pretty easy to add badge(s) for new service(s).

postmile - Collaborative list making tool written in Node.js

  •    Javascript

Postmile is a collaborative list making tool built using hapi.js, Node.js, and MongoDB.Postmile consists of an api server and a web server, both running using Node.js. The two servers can run on the same machine or different machines. The following is based on a shared machine.

IPBan - IPBan Monitors failed logins and bans ip addresses on Windows, Linux and MAC

  •    CSharp

I'm Jeff Johnson and I created IPBan to block hackers out because Windows (and Linux quite frankly) does a horrible job of this by default and performance suffers as hackers try to breach your remote desktop or SSH. IPBan gets them in the block rule of the firewall where they belong. Please visit http://www.digitalruby.com/securing-your-windows-dedicated-server/ for more information about this program.

confluence - Torrent client as a HTTP service

  •    Go

Confluence is a torrent client as a HTTP service. This allows for easy use from other processes, languages, and machines, due to the ubiquity of HTTP. It makes use of anacrolix/torrent's download-on-demand torrenting, and custom data backend features to store data in a cache. You can then utilize the BitTorrent network with sensible defaults as though it were just regular HTTP.Confluence will announce itself to DHT, and wait for HTTP activity. Torrents are added to the client as needed. Without an active request on a torrent, it is kicked from the client after the torrent grace period. Its data however may remain in the cache for future uses of that torrent.

fx - A dependency injection based application framework for Go.

  •    Go

This library is v1 and follows SemVer strictly.No breaking changes will be made to exported APIs before v2.0.0.

upmon - Super simple service health monitoring.

  •    Javascript

Super simple service health monitoring.Upmon sends a HTTP GET request to your configured URLs. It expects a HTTP 200 response. If it gets any other response code it'll send an email. If the service recovers, it'll send another email.

respawn - Spawn a process and restart it if it crashes

  •    Javascript

Spawn a process and restart it if it crashes.Per default respawn will restart you app indefinitely. To set a max restart limit set the maxRestarts option.

respawn-group - Manage a group of respawn monitors

  •    Javascript

group.add(id, command, opts) -> mon Add a new respawn monitor. See respawn for more information. If you add a new monitor with the same id as an old one it will be used when the old monitor stops.

cloudup-client - Cloudup API client for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Cloudup API client for nodejs.Request an auth token with the appId provided by Cloudup upon app registration. This prevents the need to store a user's username and password.

Pastexen - Quick screenshots and source code publish

  •    PHP

Утилита для быстрой загрузки скриншотов и исходного кода на сервер. По нажатию хоткея (F11) делается скриншот, загружается на сервер, публикуется, в буфер обмена копируется ссылка.

rozu - Webhook server

  •    Javascript

Each response will include a Link header, and an Array of Objects with IANA defined rel properties & URIs. Rozu has a publically accessible route /receive which will accept a JSON or form encoded payload & put it into Redis for pub/sub behavior in your local stack. Inbound requests must include a user supplied token (token in config.json) which maps to a registered webhook; tokens are v1 UUIDs.

GoogleClientLogin - Google ClientLogin implementation for Node

  •    Javascript

ClientLogin has been officially deprecated since April 20, 2012 and is now no longer available. Requests to ClientLogin will fail with a HTTP 404 response. We encourage you to migrate to OAuth 2.0 as soon as possible. turned down on April 20, 2015. That is an object, filled with the possible error messages.

Diont - Easy Service Discovery on Local Networks in 100% pure Javascript

  •    Javascript

Easy Service Discovery on Local Networks in pure Javascript. If service-messages are not propagated properly (especially on wifi connections), there's a plenty of trouble in Wifi routers that might cause it (see http://superuser.com/questions/730288/why-do-some-wifi-routers-block-multicast-packets-going-from-wired-to-wireless).