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mountebank - Over the wire test doubles

  •    HTML

In fact, halfway through we discovered our corporate mocking software couldn’t handle the sheer amount of performance testing we were running as part of this effort (we completely crushed some pretty industrial enterprise software in the process). As a result, we made the call to move the entire program over to a Mountebank OSS-based solution with a custom provision to give us the ability to expand/shrink our mocking needs on demand. mountebank is the first open source tool to provide cross-platform, multi-protocol test doubles over the wire. Just point your application to mountebank instead of the real dependency, and test like you would with traditional stubs and mocks.

hoverfly - Lightweight service virtualization/API simulation tool for developers and testers

  •    Go

Hoverfly is a lightweight, open source API simulation tool. Using Hoverfly, you can create realistic simulations of the APIs your application depends on. Hoverfly is developed and maintained by SpectoLabs.

http_stub - A service virtualization tool that encourages contract based tests in API consumers and producers

  •    Ruby

http_stub is a service virtualization tool. It provides a HTTP server that is configurable on-the-fly to stub responses to matched requests. Now we can activate scenarios as needed.

bokor - Bokor is a simple, Record and Playback Mock Server written in Node

  •    Javascript

Bokor is a simple, Record and Playback Mock Server written in Node.js, utilized for Service Virtualization. Bokor is very similar to the many VCR-like tools out there today, but prides itself on its ease of use and speed to setup. It can be utilized for any mocking needs, but was primarily developed for mocking back end service calls in automated UI testing.

hoverfly-java - Java binding for Hoverfly

  •    Java

A Java native language binding for Hoverfly, a Go proxy which allows you to simulate http services in your unit tests. Another term for this is Service Virtualisation.

mbgo - A mountebank client written in Go.

  •    Go

A mountebank API client for the Go programming language. The integration tests expect Docker to be available on the host, using it to run a local mountebank container at localhost:2525, with the additional ports 8080-8081 exposed for test imposters. Currently tested against a mountebank v2.1.2 instance using the andyrbell/mountebank image on DockerHub.

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