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BeeHive - :honeybee: BeeHive is a solution for iOS Application module programs, it absorbed the Spring Framework API service concept to avoid to coupling between modules

  •    Objective-C

BeeHive is a modular program of implementation in iOS , it absorbed the Spring Framework API service concept to avoid to directly coupling between modules.We can get to know the architecture of BeeHive from this picture.

Apache Dubbo - High-performance, java based, open source RPC framework.

  •    Java

Apache Dubbo is a high-performance, light weight, java based RPC framework. Dubbo offers three key functionalities, which include interface based remote call, fault tolerance & load balancing, and automatic service registration & discovery.

Dubbo - High-performance, java based, open source RPC framework

  •    Java

Dubbo is a high-performance, java based RPC framework open-sourced by Alibaba. As in many RPC systems, dubbo is based around the idea of defining a service, specifying the methods that can be called remotely with their parameters and return types. On the server side, the server implements this interface and runs a dubbo server to handle client calls. On the client side, the client has a stub that provides the same methods as the server.

attache - Register Hapi servers as a Consul service.

  •    Javascript

A hapi.js plugin that registers a Consul service. This will register a "myservice" service with Consul.

dubbo-registry-nacos - Dubbo Registry for Alibaba Nacos

  •    Java

dubbo-registry-nacos is a Dubbo's registry implementation integrating with Nacos that is service registry server. Before you integrate dubbo-registry-nacos into your Dubbo project, you need to start a Nacos server in the backend. Refer to Nacos Quick Start for instructions on how to start a Nacos server.

go-bmi - Body Mass Index(BMI) application developed by go-chassis microservice framwork

  •    Go

Install go-chassis(SDK) by executing the following commands. Service Center enables capabilities of service registration and service discovery in ServiceComb. It can run inside docker.