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flow-view - is a visual editor for Dataflow programming

  •    Javascript

The image below is an SVG generated server side by flow-view Canvas: click it to see online example.The following animated gif represents a family tree. You can use autocompletion thanks to nodeList option parameter.

soundcloud-nodejs-api-wrapper - Soundcloud Nodejs API Wrapper - connect to the soundcloud API with oauth and without any callback url

  •    Javascript

Soundcloud Nodejs API Wrapper - connect to the soundcloud API with oauth (your credentials) and without any callback url / permission popup window. For more details check the Soundcloud API documentation. This is a NPM package. !! Since v0.3.0 supports now fully server side only content modifications via POST / PUT requests from the server side. There was a authentication bug.

envalid - Envalid is a framework agnostic and fluent server side form validation package for PHP

  •    PHP

If you can contribute I'd love to merge your PR and your name will be mentioned in the release notes and contributors list.

node-chartjs - Chart.js on the server in Node.js

  •    Javascript

Note that we strongly advise against trying to "execute scripts" by mashing together the jsdom and Node global environments (e.g. by doing global.window = dom.window), and then executing scripts or test code inside the Node global environment. Instead, you should treat jsdom like you would a browser, and run all scripts and tests that need access to a DOM inside the jsdom environment, using window.eval or runScripts: "dangerously". This might require, for example, creating a browserify bundle to execute as a <script> element—just like you would in a browser.