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blynk-library - Blynk library for embedded hardware

  •    C++

Blynk provides iOS and Android apps to control any hardware over the Internet or directly using Bluetooth. You can easily build graphic interfaces for all your projects by simply dragging and dropping widgets, right on your smartphone. Blynk is the most popular IoT platform used by design studios, makers, educators, and equipment vendors all over the world. Please find examples on how to use different types of connections (transports) and how to do make something great with Blynk. You can easily apply any type of board/connection to all examples.

node-serialport - Access serial ports with JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Go to https://serialport.io/ to learn more, find guides and api documentation. The Bindings provide a low level interface to work with your serialport. It is possible to use them alone but it's usually easier to use them with an interface.

SwiftyGPIO - A Swift library for hardware projects on Linux/ARM boards with support for GPIOs/SPI/I2C/PWM/UART/1Wire

  •    Swift

A Swift library for hardware projects on Linux/ARM boards with support for GPIOs/SPI/I2C/PWM/UART/1Wire. This library provides an easy way to interact with external sensors and devices using the digital GPIOs, SPI/I2C interfaces, 1-Wire buses, PWM signals and serial ports that boards like the Raspberry Pi provide, on Linux using Swift.

UsbSerial - Usb serial controller for Android

  •    Java

Usb serial controller for Android. For more information, there is a more complete description. Due to a bug in Android itself, it's highly recommended to not use it with a device running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. See issue #142 for more details.


  •    CSharp

Controle sem teclas de direção, usando acelerômentro e .NET micro Framework.

APC UPS Control

  •    CSharp

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CruiseControl.NET Build Status with Serial Output

  •    DotNet

Track a CruiseControl.NET project and output build status to a device via serial (or USB with driver). Ideal for LCD light status / relay for lava lamps etc. It's a taskbar based application developed in C#, and has been developed with the Arduino Diecimila in mind.

uart-pack-frame - pack data in the UART format used for serial communication

  •    Javascript

Create a pack instance p.Presently unconfigurable options: 8 bits, no parity.

p5.serialport - Serial Port API and Server for p5.js

  •    Javascript

A p5.js library that enables communication between your p5 sketch and Arduino (or another serial enabled device).p5.serialport more or less clones the Processing Serial Library API. As JavaScript in a browser can not interact directly with a serial port, this library solves this. p5.serialport comes in two flavors; one is a simple app, this is good for all skill levels and is the easiest to use; second is Node.js based WebSocket server, this is for more skilled advanced users or someone who needs heavy customization.

node-xbee - Node.js talks to xbee radios. JS robots and automation FTW

  •    Javascript

This module lets you bridge the real world to Node.js. Connect to sensors, robots, turn things on and off, take remote measurements. In fact if you find a creative use for this stuff, let me know! I'd be proud to hear of it being taken advantage of. Digi's xbee modules are good for quickly building low power wireless networks.

arduinode - Node-Arduino-General-IO

  •    Javascript

Nice guy that you can manipulate the Arduino from node.js. No programming of Arduino. application can make only node.js.

thermalPrinter - Use node.js to communicate with Adafruit/Sparkfun Thermal Printer

  •    Javascript

You can print images, but they need to be 384px wide. You'll need an USB/Serial converter.


  •    Javascript

Implementation of the MODBUS IP/ASCII/RTU master and slave over TCP/UDP/Serial/WebSocket for Node.js. This project is released under the MIT License.

node-serialport2 - node.js serial port driver

  •    C++

Node.js serial port driver. Works on Windows, OSX, and linux. Note for windows users. If you are using Node v0.6.x you will need to have Python 2.7 installed. See node-gyp for instruction on getting a working node-gyp environment.

virtual-serialport - A drop-in virtual replacement for node-serialport's SerialPort object

  •    Javascript

virtual-serialport provides a virtual drop-in replacement for an actual SerialPort object. We'll try to keep up to date with the latest node-serialport stable version. For compatibility with older versions of node-serialport you can install an older version of this library.

serialport-js - pure javascript serial port implementation for node.js, electron and nw.js

  •    Javascript

pure javascript serial port implementation for node.js, electron and nw.js. Async function that returns a promise. When resolved it contains a list of the registered serial devices.

netty-transport-purejavacomm - A netty serial pipeline using JNA and PureJavaComm

  •    Ruby

All are actually mature solutions but SerialIO is a commercial product and JSS and RxTx either require the native libraries to be intalled/compiled for the host platform. Personally, I've had issues with RxTx and the C++ source code can be a bit difficult to understand when a problem arrises. PJC is written 100% in Java so it is easy for Java programmers to develop and debug and it requires no native libraries. Native access to the underlaying operating system's serial port programming interface is provided by the wonderful JNA library which takes away all the pain of compiling and deploying native code.

node-dgtchess - An event-driven node.js driver for electronic DGT chess boards.

  •    Javascript

An event-driven node.js driver for the electronic DGT chess board. This project is still in alpha-status. Unfortunately I don't have access to a DGT chess board, so I can't continue development. Please contact me if you want to continue the development of this module or have a DGT board to lend for some weeks.