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libnop - libnop: C++ Native Object Protocols

  •    C++

libnop is a header-only library for serializing and deserializing C++ data types without external code generators or runtime support libraries. The only mandatory requirement is a compiler that supports the C++14 standard. Note: This is not an officially supported Google product at this time.

ThorsSerializer - C++ Serialization library for JSON

  •    C++

Yet another JSON/YAML/Binary serialization library for C++. Unlike other libraries this one does not require you to build DOM of you object before serialization. Using a declarative C++ style you define what C++ classes (and members) you want to serialize "ThorSerializer" will generate the appropriate code automagically.

cpp-async-rpc - Library for Asynchronicity, Serialization and Remoting

  •    C++

This is cpp-async-rpc, a C++17 library supporting template meta-programming, asynchronous network programming, binary serialization and RPC. Disclaimer: This is not a Google supported product.