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colfer - binary serialization format

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Colfer is a binary serialization format optimized for speed and size.The project's compiler colf(1) generates source code from schema definitions to marshal and unmarshall data structures.

hprose - HPROSE is short for High Performance Remote Object Service Engine


HPROSE is short for High Performance Remote Object Service Engine.It is a modern, lightweight, cross-language, cross-platform, object-oriented, high performance, remote dynamic communication middleware. It is not only easy to use, but powerful. You just need a little time to learn, then you can use it to easily construct cross language cross platform distributed application system.

libnop - libnop: C++ Native Object Protocols

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libnop is a header-only library for serializing and deserializing C++ data types without external code generators or runtime support libraries. The only mandatory requirement is a compiler that supports the C++14 standard. Note: This is not an officially supported Google product at this time.

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