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Silverlight, Linq, Jquery, WCF - Graduation Project

Tupcord Human Resource Management System


Hi, Please feel free to download and test tupcord HRM. Requirements : 1. Screen Resolution : 1152*864 2. Sql Server 2005 Express or any other 3. .Net Framework 3.5 Login Details : Emp ID : E001 Emp Name : admin Password : niit#123

SOM Clustering

  •    DotNet

Self-Organizing Map clustering images

Clustering Demo in Silverlight using K-Means Algorithm


This explains clustering and K-means algorithm in an efficient way using a live demo in Silverlight. The demo can be used to understand the working of k-means algorithm through user-defined data points.

Academic Success Accounting System


The system is intended to use by school teacher to set marks to students and estimate their academic success and possibilities. The client application uses SQL Server Compact as data store and WPF user interface.

Markov Clustering Algorithm


This Project aims at creating a user-friendly implementation of the MCL Algorithm, that can be applied for demonstration purposes. It is more a "proof of concept" code, as a consequence it is not speed-optimized, but rather aims at making the concept of teh MCL-Algorithm more ...

Personal Accounting


Personal system for managing financial accounts, which supports multiple accounts in different currencies. It has movement imputation and basic queries on them. I plan to develop statistical queries and projections. It's developed in C# 2008 Express and uses SQLite v3.

Employee Management System


This is an Employee Management System. the goal here is to offer a software that caters to small to mid sized businesses for free. This program allows you full management over you employees, Edit/Add employees and positions, terminate/transfer / search duplicates and much more

HRMCore Free (Ph?n m?m qu?n lý Nhân s? mi?n phí)


This is software about Human Resource Management in Viet Nam ------------ ?ây là ph?n m?m Qu?n lý nhân s? ti?n l??ng ? Vi?t Nam (Nghi?p v? ? Vi?t Nam). D? ??nh ?ây s? là ph?n m?m mi?n phí. Nh?m giúp ?? nh?ng ng??i làm nhân s? t?i Vi?t Nam

Accountability for .NET


Accountability for .NET enables programmers to create accounting applications through an easy to use API. It's written in C# 3.0 and uses the Provider pattern, so you can extend it with your own provider.