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chai-smoothie - Chai assertions for Serenity/JS and Protractor

  •    TypeScript

Chai Smoothie smooths out the sharp angles of your Protractor-powered automated web tests. The library provides a set of custom Chai assertions to help your Protractor-based Serenity/JS tests express their intent better, give assertion errors more meaning, and reduce the amount of time your team spends troubleshooting the failures.

serenity-js - A node

  •    TypeScript

Serenity/JS is a node.js library designed to make acceptance and regression testing of modern web applications faster, more collaborative and easier to scale. Although Serenity/JS provides strong support for automating web tests using Protractor and Webdriver, it works very effectively for non-web tests too! Those include tests that exercise web services or even call application code directly.

sharding-p2p-poc - Proof of Concept of Ethereum Serenity Peer-to-Peer Layer on libp2p PubSub System

  •    Go

This is a proof of concept of Ethereum sharding peer to peer layer with PubSub in libp2p, based on the idea from the slide. For more information, please check out the document.

firefly - Experimental Go implementation of the Ethereum 2.0 protocol


This repository is an experimental work towards a Go implementation of the Ethereum 2.0 protocol. The rationale behind the separate repo is to permit cowboy coding, prototyping and experimenting without the strict security requirements of the Geth codebase. The eventual end goal is to merge this work upstream into ethereum/go-ethereum once it's stable (whenever that might happen). Until then, consider any code in this repository unstable, unworkable, unsecure, unreliable and any other un-bad-thing. Code contributed into this repository is licensed under BSD-3, but some upstream go-ethereum dependencies might be LGPL. Long term our goal is to fully sanitize the license, but we don't have immediate plans to relicense go-ethereum until it's clear which parts are actually needed in Ethereum 2.0.