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flightplan - Run sequences of shell commands against local and remote hosts.

  •    Javascript

Run sequences of shell commands against local and remote hosts. Flightplan is a node.js library for streamlining application deployment or systems administration tasks.

node-seq - Chainable asynchronous flow control for node

  •    Javascript

Seq is an asynchronous flow control library with a chainable interface for sequential and parallel actions. Even the error handling is chainable.Each action in the chain operates on a stack of values. There is also a variables hash for storing values by name.


  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin to load images sequentially, thereby ensuring smoothness of prevalent loading animations.

p-waterfall - Run promise-returning & async functions in series, each passing its result to the next

  •    Javascript

Returns a Promise that is fulfilled when all promises returned from calling the functions in tasks are fulfilled, or rejects if any of the promises reject. The fulfilled value is the value returned from the last task.Functions are expected to return a value. If a Promise is returned, it's awaited before continuing with the next task.

node-nextflow - A simple control-flow library for Node.js targetted towards CoffeeScript developers.

  •    CoffeeScript

A simple control-flow library for Node.js targetted towards CoffeeScript developers. It's JavaScript friendly too.Take a look at the most prominent JavaScript control flow libraries: Async.js, Step, Seq. If you were to use these libraries in CoffeeScript, your code would be an ugly mess.

squuid - Semi-sequential universally unique identifiers

  •    Javascript

TODO: node-uuid looks to be encoding the time bits in little-endian, which marginally decreases the monotonicity properties you want for optimal btree inserts.

node-serial - Serial execution of asynchronous functions

  •    Javascript

Serial is a Node.JS module to serially/sequentially run asynchronous functions. It also includes a Parallel runner to simultaneously run asynchronous functions.

tourney - Multi-stage tournaments

  •    Javascript

This module provides a way to glue together tournament like building blocks (or even other tourneys) to create larger tourneys that does not have tournament's pre-determined match size restriction. MIT-Licensed. See LICENSE file for details.

sequence-as-promise - Executes array of functions as sequence and returns promise

  •    Javascript

Executes array of functions and promises as sequence and returns promise

streamingbandit - Python application to setup and run streaming (contextual) bandit experiments.

  •    Python

Provides a webserver to quickly setup and evaluate possible solutions to contextual multi-armed bandit (cMAB) problems. Allows user to create new "experiments", each with their own policy, and disclose an API to evaluate the policy in applications.

koroutine - Small, lightweight coroutine scheduler for node.js based on ES6 generators

  •    Javascript

Justifiably or not, Node.js is much maligned for it's callback hell problem. Koroutine is a small, 100% Javascript library that helps you write simple, sequential looking code that's still 100% async. Koroutine uses Javascript generators introduced in ES6 to run your code in a coroutine. Generators is an exciting addition to Javascript that lets you suspend code execution at any point inside a special type of Javascript function called generator and resume the execution at the same point sometime later, at will. This special "run..stop..run" capability of ES6 generators compared to the normal "run to completion" nature of normal functions is what makes them a perfect building block for async programming in Javascript. It provides a powerful alternative to the Node.js default callback passing style for writing async code. Your code just yields after making an async call and Koroutine's scheduler takes care of automatically resuming your code when the async operation completes. In case of a successful completion, result(s) are returned as return value(s) of yield. In case of an error, error returned is thrown as an exception that you can catch and deal with. Best of all, Koroutine provides functions like callback and future that follow normal Node.js callback convention of function(error, data) out of the box so you can use any existing Node.js module based on callbacks transparently with koroutine without having to write any glue code like function "thunks" or promises.

script-runner - Invoke multiple commands, running in parallel / sequential, matching npm scripts

  •    CoffeeScript

Invoke multiple commands, running in parallel / sequential, matching npm scripts

vue-sequential-entrance - Vuejs Plugin for creating epic sequential animation entrances

  •    Javascript

By default, the sequence animation have an interval of 250 milliseconds. If you need a faster or slower entrance animation, you can specify the time in milliseconds. If you prefer don't use the built in animations (fromTop,fromRight,fromLeft,fromBottom) and use your custom css animation, you can easily using 'animation' props. Simply, put the class name of your animation and that's it.

getjs - JavaScript library to express concurrency patterns.

  •    Javascript

JavaScript library to express concurrency patterns. Getjs is a control flow library based on generators to simplify the development of concurrent solutions for JavaScript. It works in both nodejs and the browser, allowing you to deal with the JavaScript asynchronous nature by writing sequential code.

monotonic-id - JavaScript Unique Monotonic ID Class

  •    Javascript

A unique monotonic ID class that is based on UUID version 1. The UUID sequence is stripped of the - separator and is organized such that IDs are far more likely to be sequential.

d4c-queue - Execute tasks sequentially or concurrently

  •    TypeScript

Wrap an async/promise-returning/sync function as a queue-ready async function, which is enqueued while being called. This is convenient to reuse it. In synchronization mode, task queues execute original functions sequentially by default (equivalently concurrency limit = 1). In concurrency mode, it allows changing concurrency limit to have concurrent tasks executed. It also supports @synchronized/@concurrent decorator on instance or static methods. Passing arguments and using await to get return values are also supported. This package includes two builds.

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