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cli - The Sequelize CLI

Sequelize CLI is always looking for contributions. You can help us with fixing bugs, reporting bugs or improving documentation.CLI v3 fully supports Sequelize v3. Support for Sequelize v4 is still experimental.

sequelize-auto - Automatically generate bare sequelize models from your database.

Automatically generate models for SequelizeJS via the command line.You will need to install the correct dialect binding globally before using sequelize-auto.

generator-angular-fullstack - Yeoman generator for AngularJS with an Express server

Yeoman generator for creating MEAN/SEAN stack applications, using ES6, MongoDB/SQL, Express, AngularJS, and Node - lets you quickly set up a project following best practices.Please note: If you run into trouble compiling native add-ons during the installation, follow node-gyp's short guide on required compilation tools.

umzug - Framework agnostic migration tool for Node.js

The umzug lib is a framework agnostic migration tool for Node.JS. The tool itself is not specifically related to databases but basically provides a clean API for running and rolling back tasks.In order to keep track of already executed tasks, umzug logs successfully executed migrations. This is done in order to allow rollbacks of tasks. There are multiple storage presets available, from which you can choose. Adding a custom is super simple as well.

fixer - Setup your test database using fixtures in a breeze.

Node.js module to setup your test database using fixtures in a breeze. Inspired by Rails fixtures.See example/load_fixtures.js.

november-cli - ❄️ Generate a Node.js API for your Ember.js app

November helps you generate a simple Node.js API tailored for Ember.js apps, with the help of Express and Sequelize.By default, MySQL is used as a database, but you can use any relational database supported by Sequelize by changing the values in config/config.json.

sequelize-redis-cache - Small fluent interface for caching sequelize database query results in redis more easily

Small fluent interface for caching sequelize database query results in redis more easily. Simply put, this is a wrapper around sequelize retrieval methods that will automatically check in the configured redis instance for a value (based on a hash of the query and model name), then retrieve from the database and persist in redis if not found. It is promise based, so it will resemble sequelize for the most part, and be co/koa friendly. This library does not handle automatic invalidation of caches, since it currently does not handle inserts/updates/deletes/etc. I'd be in favor of someone submitting a patch to accommodate that, although I think that would be a significant undertaking.

sequelize-json-schema - Use your Sequelize models in JSON Schemas or Swagger

Main use case for this code is to generate models for hand crafted swagger.json. This tool generates definitions part of the Swagger Manifest. So if you have Swagger definition for your API just extend definitions with JSON generated by this tool.

sequelize-sync-diff - Uses Sequelize.sync() but generates ALTER statements instead of DROP+CREATE

Uses Sequelize.sync() but generates ALTER statements instead of DROP+CREATE. Only works for postgres right now. Please open an issue if you need support for other databases.