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react-snap - 👻 Zero-configuration framework-agnostic static prerendering for SPAs

  •    Javascript

Pre-renders web app into static HTML. Uses headless chrome to crawl all available links starting from the root. Heavily inspired by prep and react-snapshot, but written from scratch. Uses best practices to get best loading performance. Zero configuration is the main feature. You do not need to worry how does it work or how to configure it. But if you are curious here are details.

usus - Webpage pre-rendering service. ⚡️

  •    Javascript

Static HTML pages with inline CSS load faster and are better indexed than single page applications (SPA). ūsus pre-renders single page applications into static HTML with the critical CSS inlined. Removing the blocking CSS and inlining the CSS required to render the page increases the perceived page loading speed. Presumably, improves SEO by reducing the page loading time.

prerender-spa-plugin - Prerenders static HTML in a single-page application.

  •    Javascript

Flexible, framework-agnostic static site generation for sites and SPAs built with webpack. 👉 This is the stable 3.x version of prerender-spa-plugin based on puppeteer. If you're looking for the (now-deprecated) 2.x version, based on PhantomJS, take a look at the v2 branch.

prep - Pre-renders your web app (React, Vue, Angular,

  •    Javascript

Pre-renders your web app into static HTML based on your specified routes enabling SEO for single page applications.NOTE: prep is now based on Chromeless. We'll shortly release an updated version.

prep - Pre-renders your web app (React, Vue, Angular,

  •    Javascript

Pre-renders your web app into static HTML based on your specified routes enabling SEO for single page applications. NOTE: prep is now based on Chromeless. We'll shortly release an updated version.

phearjs - PhearJS - render dynamic Javascript webpages to JSON with PhantomJS

  •    CoffeeScript

PhearJS renders webpages. It runs a server which supervises a set number of PhantomJS workers that do the actual parsing and evaluation. Many websites rely on AJAX and front-end rendering. When a machine requests a page from such a website it sees a completely different page than you would see when viewing it in a browser.

pre-render - Convert a single-page app (SPA) into a fully pre-rendered functional website before deploying it to a CDN

  •    Javascript

The goal of this project is to generate static .html pages for your single-page app at build time, before you deploy it to a CDN hosting. You just build your project as normal, assuming that it compiles into the /build (or /dist) folder, then prepare the list of relative URL paths that need to be pre-rendred and pass that info to pre-render, it will load /build/index.html in a headless Chrome browser, iterate over the list of provided relative URLs and save each page to a corresponding .html file.Now, you can deploy the contents of the /build folder to GitHub Pages, Firebase, or some other CDN hosting, yet search engines will still be able to crawl your site.

prerender-daemon - Installer to have prerender/prerender running as daemon on a ubuntu/debian machine

  •    Shell

This repository will help you to install/uninstall prerender as a system services on a linux machine using System V init scripts. If you want to provide a custom script to run your prerender server (with custom configuration variables and plugins) you can use a custom server.js file (you have an example on config/server.js.dist) and pass its path as --server-script parameter to the installer script. This file will be copied and substituted to the default server.js script in your node_modules folder.

phearjs-express - Express middleware for prerendering with PhearJS

  •    Javascript

PhearJS (http://phear.io) is a prerender for client-side dynamic web pages. To serve prendered versions of your website to bots like the ones from Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Google and so forth you can use this Express middleware. When a bot is detected the middleware will serve a prerendered version of your page. You should have a PhearJS instance running somewhere. For setup instructions please refer to these installation instructions.

prerender-java - java framework for prerender

  •    Java

Use this java filter that prerenders a javascript-rendered page using an external service and returns the HTML to the search engine crawler for SEO. Note: Make sure you have more than one webserver thread/process running because the prerender service will make a request to your server to render the HTML.

vue-prerender-snipcart - Vue.js Tutorial: A Prerendered, SEO-Friendly Example

  •    Vue

This repo contains the code for a demo e-commerce web app built with Vue.js 2.0 & Snipcart. For SEO purposes, prerendering is handled with prerender-spa-plugin. For detailed explanation on how things work, consult the docs for vue-loader.

spiderable-middleware - Prerendering for JavaScript powered websites

  •    Javascript

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Bing and all other crawlers and search engines are constantly trying to view your website. If your website is built on top of the JavaScript framework like, but not limited to - Angular, Backbone, Ember, Meteor, React, MEAN most of the front-end solutions returns basic HTML-markup and script-tags to crawlers, but not content of your page. The mission of spiderable-middleware and ostr.io are to boost your SEO experience without a headache. This package acts as middleware and intercepts requests to your Node.js application from web crawlers. All requests proxy passed to the Prerendering Service, which returns static, rendered HTML.

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