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raven-js - JavaScript client for Sentry

  •    Javascript

Raven.js is the official browser JavaScript client for Sentry.The latest version of Raven.js is guaranteed to work with hosted Sentry.

raven-python - Raven is a Python client for Sentry (getsentry.com)

  •    Python

Raven is the official Python client for Sentry, officially supports Python 2.6–2.7 & 3.3–3.7, and runs on PyPy and Google App Engine.It tracks errors and exceptions that happen during the execution of your application and provides instant notification with detailed information needed to prioritize, identify, reproduce and fix each issue.

sentry-javascript - Official Sentry SDKs for Javascript

  •    Javascript

This is the next line of Sentry JavaScript SDKs, comprised in the @sentry/ namespace. It will provide a more convenient interface and improved consistency between various JavaScript environments. WARNING: All of these SDKs are still undergoing active development, so the public interface might change and break backwards compatibility from time to time.

sentry-php - The official PHP SDK for Sentry (sentry.io)

  •    PHP

The Sentry PHP error reporter tracks errors and exceptions that happen during the execution of your application and provides instant notification with detailed informations needed to prioritize, identify, reproduce and fix each issue. Learn more about automatic PHP error reporting with Sentry.For more information, see our documentation.

sentry-symfony - Symfony integration for Sentry

  •    PHP

Symfony integration for Sentry.This command requires you to have Composer installed globally, as explained in the installation chapter of the Composer documentation.

echosentry - A sentry (raven-go) middleware for echo micro web framework

  •    Go

A sentry (raven-go) middleware for echo (v2) micro web framework. By default, the middleware logs the HTTP context and sends it along with the stacktrace, this adds info about the user's browser, URL, OS, device, interface_type ..etc.

sentry-dotnet - Main .NET SDK and some integrations

  •    CSharp

Below you will find a basic introduction to the SDK and its API. For more details, please: refer to the SDK documentation. Looking for samples using the NuGet packages? Check out sentry-dotnet-samples repository.

good-sentry - Sentry broadcasting for good process monitor

  •    Javascript

Sentry broadcasting for good process monitor. good-sentry is a write stream used to send hapi server events to a Sentry server.

sentry-unity - Sentry SDK for Unity3d

  •    CSharp

In order to make Sentry work, you need to add SentrySdk component to any GameObject that is in the first loaded scene of the game. The SDK needs to know which project within Sentry your errors should go to. That's defined via the DSN. DSN is the only obligatory parameter on SentrySdk object.

sentry-go - A beautifully simple Sentry client which makes reporting errors a joy! Full support for breadcrumbs and stacktraces with an elegant and easy to remember API

  •    Go

This library is a re-imagining of how Go applications should interact with a Sentry server. It aims to offer a concise, easy to understand and easy to extend toolkit for sending events to Sentry, with a strong emphasis on being easy to use. In addition to the features listed above, the library offers support for a number of more advanced use cases, including sending events to multiple different Sentry DSNs, derived client contexts, custom interface types and custom transports.

crow - Crow - a C++ client for Sentry

  •    C++

Sentry is such a useful tool, but there is currently no official support for C++. Crow is an official Sentry client for C++ that tries to fill this gap to allow for Sentry notifications in long-running C++ applications where you do not want to constantly look at log files. See the documentation for a complete overview of the public API.

nextcloud_sentry - Sentry integration for Nextcloud

  •    PHP

A Sentry integration that sends unhandled exceptions to a Sentry instance to aggregate application crashes. You either have to set up your own Sentry instance or use your sentry.io account. See the admin documentation for how to configure this app.

sentry-dotnet-ef - Moved to: https://github.com/getsentry/sentry-dotnet

  •    CSharp

This is packages extend Sentry's .NET SDK with Entity Framework 6 queries as Breadcrumbs. It also processes DbEntityValidationExceptions to extract the validation errors and add to the Extra field. This increases the debuggability of Entity Framework related errors gratefully.

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