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ioredis - A robust, performance-focused and full-featured Redis client for Node and io.js

  •    Javascript

ioredis is a robust, full-featured Redis client that is used in the world's biggest online commerce company Alibaba and many other awesome companies. It supports Cluster, Sentinel, Pipelining and of course Lua scripting & Pub/Sub (with the support of binary messages), It works with Node callbacks and Native promises, GEO commands, TLS, Lua scripting and lot more.

guardian - Remove the OAuth dance with one request.

  •    Javascript

Guardian was created with love by nijikokun and is maintained by Mashape, who also maintain the open-source API Gateway Kong. Avoid dealing with OAuth logic in your code, and spend more time creating your product. Guardian reduces the OAuth footprint in your code to a single request.

redis-healthy - It retrieves metrics, periodically, from Redis (or sentinel) and send them to Logstash

  •    Go

It retrieves metrics, periodically, from Redis (or sentinel) (such as latency, connected_clients, instantaneous_ops_per_sec and others) and then send them to Logstash.

redundis - Redis high-availability cluster using Sentinel to transparently proxy connections to the active primary member

  •    Go

Redis high-availability cluster using Sentinel to transparently proxy connections to the active primary member - with full redis capability. Redundis is a smart, sentinel aware proxy for redis that allows redis clients to not care about failover of the redis master node.

tfe-policies-example - An example of using Sentinel policies in VCS in Terraform Enterprise

  •    HCL

See also: This repo shows an end-to-end workflow with many parts, and uses a small number of Sentinel policies to keep things simple. If you'd rather see a wider range of how to govern specific kinds of infrastructure with Sentinel policies, see the example policies in the hashicorp/terraform-guides repo. Add and remove Sentinel policies as desired, and edit main.tf to ensure your policies are enforced on the correct workspaces. Queue an initial run to set up your policies, then continue to iterate on the policy repo and approve Terraform runs as needed.

redis-ha - Reliable, Scalable Redis on OpenShift

  •    Shell

The following document describes the deployment of a reliable, multi-node Redis on OpenShift. It deploys a master with replicated slaves, as well as replicated redis sentinels which are use for health checking and failover.

resec - ReSeC- Redis Service Consul

  •    Go

Resec is a successor to Redis Sentinel and redishappy for handling high availability failover for Redis. It avoids Redis Sentinel problems of remembering all the sentinels and all the redis servers that ever appeared in the replication cluster.

getSpatialData - An R package 📦 making it easy to query, preview, download and preprocess multiple kinds of spatial data 🛰 via R

  •    R

getSpatialData is an R package in an early development stage that ultimately aims to provide homogeneous function bundles to query, download, prepare and transform various kinds of spatial datasets from open sources, e.g. Satellite sensor data, higher-level environmental data products etc. It supports both sf and sp classes as AOI inputs (see set_aoi in available functions). Due to the early development stage, the included functions and their concepts could be removed or changed in some cases. For all public functions documentation is available. See also the list of data sources that are or will be implemented.

xredis - Go Redis Client

  •    Go

Built on top of github.com/garyburd/redigo with the idea to simplify creating a Redis client, provide type safe calls and encapsulate the low level details to easily integrate with Redis.

carmine-sentinel - A Clojure library designed to connect redis by sentinel, make carmine to support sentinel

  •    Clojure

Carmine-sentinel require carmine version must be 2.14.0right now. The only difference compares with carmine is that we will use carmine-sentinel.core/wcar to replace taoensso.carmine/wcar and add a new function set-sentinel-groups!.

redis-ext - Redis-ext extends nodejs redis client with failover support via Redis Sentinel

  •    Javascript

Redis-ext extends nodejs redis client with failover support via Redis Sentinels. It also provides basic job queue implementation.

redmon - Redis and Sentinel Monitoring

  •    Go

Monitor Redis & Sentinel(HA Redis) using any of the http based endpoint monitoring system. The API will send 200 status in case of success otherwise will respond with 500 status code.