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CNN_Intent_Classification - CNN for intent classification task in a Chatbot

  •    Jupyter

This is Keras implementation for the task of sentence classification using CNNs. This work took inspiration from Midterm Assignment given by Siraj Raval. Here's his cool video explaining Natural Language Processing applied to resume screening. Text used for the training falls under the six categories namely, AddToPlaylist, BookRestaurant, GetWeather , RateBook , SearchCreativeWork, SearchScreeningEvent each having nearly 2000 sentences.

text-classification-keras - 📚 Text Classification Library with Keras

  •    Python

A high-level text classification library implementing various well-established models. With a clean and extendable interface to implement custom architectures. The [full] will additionally install TensorFlow, Spacy, and Deep Plots. Choose this if you want to get started right away.

TextRank - :wink: :cyclone: :strawberry: TextRank implementation in Golang with extendable features (summarization, phrase extraction) and multithreading (goroutine) support (Go 1

  •    Go

This source code is an implementation of textrank algorithm, under MIT licence. The minimum requred Go version is 1.8. If there was a program what could rank book size text's words, phrases and sentences continuously on multiple threads and it would be opened to modifing by objects, written in a simple, secure, static language and if it would be very well documented... Now, here it is.

sentence-classification - Sentence Classifications with Neural Networks

  •    Python

Each of the above broad sentence categories can be expanded and can be made more indepth. The way these networks and scripts are designed it should be possible expand to classify other sentence types, provided the data is provided. This was developed for applications at Metacortex and is accompanied by a guide on building practical/applied neural networks on austingwalters.com.