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How to apply MVC to mobile project

  •    ASPNET

I am setting up simple ASP NET MVC test project in order to demonstrate how to create cross-platform webdelivery backend with ASP.NET

Sencha Touch Mini Workflow Framework

  •    Javascript

A workflow framework for Sencha Touch mobile apps including automatic component management

stlive - Massively speed up Sencha Touch mobile app development. Avoid compiling and redeployment.

  •    Javascript

Traditionally when developing Sencha Touch apps on mobile and tablet devices you need to minify and repackage the Sencha source code, then recompile that with the PhoneGap framework with each platform SDK compiler and then redeploy each native app to mobile devices and emulators for testing (For Sencha apps this is done by sencha app build -run native). For native app development this can be a slow process that you have to repeat for each code change before you can test the change on a native device or emulator. Using this tool you can update any Javascript, CSS, SCSS or HTML source file on your development computer and it will instantly load your changes and restart the app on your device or emulators. This means you can live edit and test changes as you save them onto multiple devices! It even preserves the current client side route so in most cases you can immediately retest the active view without having to re-navigate to that view.

SenchaCon-2011 - Slides & example code from my SenchaCon 2011 Node.JS talk

  •    Javascript

These are my slides and all the example code I used in my talk at SenchaCon 2011. Most of the code in my slide deck are runnable node scripts. The deck has been built using Sencha Touch. While I know that sounds weird there is a reason...

app-address-book - An address book app written with Ext JS and Sencha Touch running on the DreamFactory Services Platform

  •    Javascript

This repository contains the source code to an address book and contact list management tool deployable on Dream Factory's cloud infrastructure and using their API. The suite of tools here include an ExtJS 4 based desktop administrative application and a Sencha Touch 2 based mobile application with profiles for phone and tablet.

extjs-in-action-examples - Ext JS in Action SE Examples

  •    Javascript

We need a web server set up for two reasons. Some examples need external services/data, so we provide with php scripts for your convenience. Those require a PHP-enabeled server. Also, XHR (AJAX) is required for Ext.Loader to fetch dependencies. Due to security considerations, XHR only works in HTTP(s), thus requiring a web server.

touch-node - Sencha Touch NPM module

  •    Javascript

To see the module in action take a look at the example directory where we show how to leverage create classes, mixins for those classes and require them with Ext.Loader.

node-mocha-extjs - Framework for testing ExtJs applications

  •    Javascript

Framework for testing ExtJs applications which simulates user actions.

titanium-jsduck - NPM Package for initializing JSDuck Documentation for Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Application Projects

  •    Javascript

Documentation of your software projects is a critical phase of the software delivery process. This package allows you to include JSDuck commenting in your .js files of an Alloy Project. Everytime the project is compiled, your documentation will be updated. The project includes two commands currently. The first is to automate the installation of the post:compile hook and source files for the documentation. The second command allows a quick method to preview the documentation within a web browser.

Ext.NET - Ext.NET public Issues.


Ext.NET is available for download from http://ext.net/download/. All Ext.NET issues are tracked here in GitHub at https://github.com/extnet/Ext.NET/issues.


  •    Javascript

Ext.ux.data.proxy.WebSocket is an easy-to-use implementation of the ExtJS/Sencha Touch proxy, using Ext.ux.WebSocket (a HTML5 WebSocket wrapper built for ExtJS and Sencha Touch). The new version of ExtJS 5 has requested to make a new major version of Ext.ux.data.proxy.WebSocket. Now, this new major version v1.0.0 is located on the master branch.

ExtJS-WebWorker - Ext

  •    Javascript

ExtJS-WebWorker is an extension to handle and use the HTML5 WebWorker with ExtJS and Sencha Touch. It has two classes: Ext.ux.WebWorker and Ext.ux.WebWorkerManager The first one is a wrapper for standard HTML5 WebWorker and it provides a lot of interesting and easy-to-use features. The second one is a singleton to register different Ext.ux.WebWorker and it provides functions to work with every registered webworker at the same time.

elmasse-bundle - [UNMAINTAINED] A Resource bundle implementation for ExtJS

  •    Javascript

elmasse.i18n.Bundle as a Sencha Cmd Package. Since version 1.1.0 namespace has been changed from Ext.i18n to elmasse.i18n to avoid namespace issues with ExtJS reserved package names.