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GitVersion - Easy Semantic Versioning (http://semver.org) for projects using Git

Versioning when using git, solved. GitVersion looks at your git history and works out the semantic version of the commit being built.GitVersion works on Mac, Linux with Mono and Windows.

next-update - Tests if module's dependencies can be updated to latest version

Note I no longer maintain Node 0.12/4 compatibility. Please switch to Node 6. Both package.json file and node_modules folder are left unchanged, and now you know that you can safely upgrade both libraries to later versions.

php-semver-checker - Compares two source sets and determines the appropriate semantic versioning to apply

PHP Semantic Versioning Checker is a console/library which allows you to inspect a set of before and after source code. After the inspection is completed, you are given a list of changes that have occurred between the two changesets following Semantic Versioning 2.0.0. For each of these changes, the level of the change (MAJOR, MINOR, PATCH) will be given, as well as the location of the change (file and line number) and a reason as to why this level change is suggested.

semver - Semantic Versioning (semver) library written in golang

semver is a Semantic Versioning library written in golang. It fully covers spec version 2.0.0. Note: Always vendor your dependencies or fix on a specific version tag.

semver - Work with Semantic Versions in Go

If there is an error the version wasn't parseable. The version object has methods to get the parts of the version, compare it to other versions, convert the version back into a string, and get the original string. For more details please see the documentation.Checking a version against version constraints is one of the most featureful parts of the package.

semver-diff - Get the diff type of two semver versions: 0.0.1 0.0.2 → patch

Returns the difference type between two semver versions, or null if they're identical or the second one is lower than the first.Possible values: 'major', 'minor', 'patch', 'prerelease', 'build', null.

npm-next - Wraps the latest unstable version of npm with different name so you can test alongside stable npm

Wraps the latest unstable version of npm with different name so you can globally install it and test the unstable version alongside a globally installed and stable npm.

npm3 - Use npm v3 alongside your currently installed npm.

Wraps the 'next' version of npm v3 as an executable npm3.Allows you to use npm v3 alongside whatever other version of npm you currently have installed.

versions - Haskell types and parsers for software version numbers.

A Haskell library for parsing and comparing software version numbers. Please switch to Semantic Versioning if you aren't currently using it. It provides consistency in version incrementing and has the best constraints on comparisons.

latest-semver - Get the latest stable semver version from an array of versions

Can be useful when you have an unsorted list of versions, like git tags, and want to get the semantically latest version.Non-semver versions and prereleases are ignored.

macos-version - Get or check the current macOS version

Returns the macOS version.Returns a boolean of whether the specified semver range matches the macOS version.