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awesome-selfhosted - This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally

  •    Javascript

Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaS providers. This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally. Non-Free software is listed on the Non-Free page.

BookStack - A platform to create documentation/wiki content built with PHP & Laravel

  •    PHP

A platform for storing and organising information and documentation. General information and documentation for BookStack can be found at https://www.bookstackapp.com/. BookStack is an opinionated wiki system that provides a pleasant and simple out of the box experience. New users to an instance should find the experience intuitive and only basic word-processing skills should be required to get involved in creating content on BookStack. The platform should provide advanced power features to those that desire it but they should not interfere with the core simple user experience.

ownphotos - Self hosted Google Photos clone

  •    Jupyter

Currently the project is in very early stages, so run it only for the sake of checking it out. Ownphotos comes with separate backend and frontend servers. The backend serves the restful API, and the frontend serves, well, the frontend. The easiest way to do it is using Docker.

pictshare - :camera: PictShare is an multi lingual, open source image and mp4 hosting service with a simple resizing and upload API that you can host yourself

  •    PHP

Live Demo PictShare is a multi lingual, open source image hosting service with a simple resizing and upload API that you can host yourself. If you own a server (even a home server) you can host your own PictShare instance so you have full control over your content and can delete images hasslefree.

community - 🛠 The Document IDE

  •    Go

To bring software development inspired features to the world of documenting -- refactoring, importing, testing, linting, metrics, PRs, versioning....Documize is an intelligent document environment (IDE) for creating, securing and sharing documents -- everything you need in one place.

yunohost - YunoHost Python scripts core

  •    Python

This repository is the core of YunoHost code. As other components of YunoHost core code, this repository is under GNU AGPL v.3 license.

deck - 🍱 Kanban-style project & personal management tool for Nextcloud, similar to Trello

  •    PHP

Deck is a kanban style organization tool aimed at personal planning and project organization for teams integrated with Nextcloud.This app is supposed to work on Nextcloud version 11 or later.

docker-ddns - Easy-to-deploy dynamic DNS with Docker, Go and Bind9

  •    Go

This package allows you to set up a dynamic DNS server that allows you to connect to devices at home from anywhere in the world. All you need is a cheap VPS, a domain and access to it's nameserver. You can either take the image from DockerHub or build it on your own.

tunneller - Allow internal services, running on localhost, to be accessed over the internet..

  •    Go

Tunneller allows you to expose services which are running on localhost, or on your local network, to the public internet. This is very useful for testing webhooks, the generation of static-site compilers, and similar things.

Pepperminty-Wiki - A wiki in a box

  •    PHP

Developed by Starbeamrainbowlabs (though contributions from others are welcome!), Pepperminty Wiki has a variety of useful (and cool!) features - such as file upload, a dynamic help page, page revision history, page tags, and more! Other amazing features are in the works too (like a theme gallery, autoupdate, and user watchlists), so check the release notes to see what's been added recently. Above: The Main Page used for testing purposes.

PineDocs - A fast and lightweight site for viewing files

  •    PHP

A fast and lightweight site for viewing files. Great for documentation, wiki, notes, etc.