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react-native-selectbox - An OS independant take on the native react-native-picker with modal for selecting items

  •    Javascript

This is a platform independant (Android / iOS) version of the native picker / selectbox that react-native has. It's basically the Android version and the iOS version merged into one: only show a single selected label and only after clicking on this show the full list of items. This is a derivation of the react-native-modal-picker by d-a-n I've simplified this a bit and removed alot of state handling preferring outside control. This allows for Redux state handling. I've also added the option of having the react-native-picker prompt feature. The prompt is a simple text above the list inside the modal.


  •    Javascript

Angular directive that wraps the Selectize hybrid textbox + <select> box library by Brian Reavis. Two-way binds to the ngModel.

JQueryFormStyler-Modern - JQuery HTML form styling plugin

  •    CSS

Settings from plugin vesion 2.x - differ from version 1.x. Структура настроек плагина версии 2.x - отличаются от настроек оригинального и версии 1.x данного плагина.

react-selectable-fast - Enable a React component (or group of components) to be selectable via mouse/touch

  •    Javascript

Enable a React component (or group of components) to be selectable via mouse/touch. This project is based on react-selectable by unclecheese. The main idea of this fork is to eliminate render during selection caused by state updates of SelectableGroup. Only items under selectbox rerender themselves, which great for big lists of selectable items. Also, this package extends the original functionality with ability to scroll items while selecting relative to window and specified scroll container.

vue-dependon - A simple vue.js plugin to chain select boxes

  •    Javascript

Nothing too much to say about it! All you have to know is that you can chain multiple select boxes together by saying: “this select box depends on that select box”. Include it directly with a <script> tag. In this case, you don't need to write Vue.use(VueDependOn), this will be done automatically for you.