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react-native-selectbox - An OS independant take on the native react-native-picker with modal for selecting items

This is a platform independant (Android / iOS) version of the native picker / selectbox that react-native has. It's basically the Android version and the iOS version merged into one: only show a single selected label and only after clicking on this show the full list of items. This is a derivation of the react-native-modal-picker by d-a-n I've simplified this a bit and removed alot of state handling preferring outside control. This allows for Redux state handling. I've also added the option of having the react-native-picker prompt feature. The prompt is a simple text above the list inside the modal.


Angular directive that wraps the Selectize hybrid textbox + <select> box library by Brian Reavis. Two-way binds to the ngModel.

JQueryFormStyler-Modern - JQuery HTML form styling plugin

Settings from plugin vesion 2.x - differ from version 1.x. Структура настроек плагина версии 2.x - отличаются от настроек оригинального и версии 1.x данного плагина.