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analytics.js - The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any web application.

  •    Javascript

Analytics.js makes it easy to collect customer data and send it to many different tools using a single, unified API. Analytics.js is open source and is one of the libraries that powers Segment, the managed, hassle-free way to collect customer data in the browser and beyond.

evergreen - 🌲 Evergreen React UI Framework by Segment

  •    Javascript

All Evergreen developers get in free. Register with SEGMENTDIGSDEVS. Evergreen is built on the belief that you can never predict all future requirements, only prepare for it. Instead of creating fixed configurations that work today, Evergreen promotes building systems that anticipate new and changing design requirements.

node-segment - 基于Node.js的中文分词模块

  •    Javascript

Chinese word segmentation 中文分词模块

SJFluidSegmentedControl - A segmented control with custom appearance and interactive animations

  •    Swift

If you are bored with using the default UISegmentedControl, this might save your day. SJFluidSegmentedControl is a customizable segmented control with an interactive transition, written in Swift 3.0 and it is based on LUNSegmentedControl by LunApps which is written in Objective-C. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

kafka-go - Kafka library in Go

  •    Go

sarama, which is by far the most popular but is quite difficult to work with. It is poorly documented, the API exposes low level concepts of the Kafka protocol, and it doesn't support recent Go features like contexts. It also passes all values as pointers which causes large numbers of dynamic memory allocations, more frequent garbage collections, and higher memory usage. confluent-kafka-go is a cgo based wrapper around librdkafka, which means it introduces a dependency to a C library on all Go code that uses the package. It has much better documentation than sarama but still lacks support for Go contexts.

redux-segment - Segment.io analytics integration for redux.

  •    Javascript

Segment.io analytics integration for redux. ✝ Recommended router. You can also trigger page views manually.

gse - Go efficient text segmentation; support english, chinese, japanese and other. Go 语言高性能分词

  •    Go

Go efficient text segmentation; support english, chinese, japanese and other. Dictionary with double array trie (Double-Array Trie) to achieve, Sender algorithm is the shortest path based on word frequency plus dynamic programming.

driveway - pure CSS masonry layouts

  •    HTML

driveway is an explorative project for developing pure CSS masonry layouts. It is developed using stylus. You may have come here from the blog post I wrote about pure CSS masonry layouts. If that's the case and you want the exact code I used in that post(with vendor prefixing), you'll be best served looking in the dist folder for driveway.blog.css and driveway.blog.min.css. Alternatively, use bower to pull in the repo.

analytics-node - The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any node application.

  •    Javascript

A Node.js client for Segment — The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any application. Documentation is available at https://segment.com/libraries/node.

PinterestSegment - A Pinterest-like segment control with masking animation.

  •    Swift

A Pinterest-like segment control with masking animation. Create a Cartfile that lists the framework and run carthage update. Follow the instructions to add $(SRCROOT)/Carthage/Build/iOS/PinterestSegment.framework to an iOS project.



Pan Gu Segment is a library that can segment Chinese and English words from sentence. ?????????????????eaglet ?????KTDictSeg ?????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????

url-pattern - easier than regex string matching patterns for urls and other strings

  •    CoffeeScript

easier than regex string matching patterns for urls and other strings. turn strings into data or data into strings.a pattern is immutable after construction. none of its methods changes its state. that makes it easier to reason about.

ember-metrics - Send data to multiple analytics integrations without re-implementing new API

  •    Javascript

This addon adds a simple metrics service to your app that makes it simple to send data to multiple analytics services without having to implement a new API each time. Writing your own adapters for currently unsupported analytics services is easy too. If you'd like to then share it with the world, submit a pull request and we'll add it to the bundled adapters.

segment - A tool to segment text based on frequencies and the Viterbi algorithm "#TheBoyWhoLived" => ['#', 'The', 'Boy', 'Who', 'Lived']

  •    Python

This module segments text according word frequency using the Viterbi algorithm. Probably due to Peter Norvig somehow.Three sources of frequency information is provided.

go-cli-analytics - Unobtrusive disk-buffered analytics for CLI tools powered by Segment

  •    Go

Pass your Segemnt write key, and specify a directory name which will reside in HOME.Flush events at random, based on the previous duration time, or based on size. Note that flushing on every command will introduce ~500ms of latency, so don't do this.

angulartics-segment - Segment plugin for Angulartics

  •    HTML

Segment plugin for Angulartics.This plugin has no maintainers at the moment. If you use Segment and want to contribute with code/documentation/examples and become an active maintainer of this project, please let us know.

svg-linearize - turn curved svg paths into paths with only line segments

  •    Javascript

Create a new svg, nsvg from an existing svg element.Any curved paths in svg will be converted to line segment paths.

segmentize - Simple segmentation useful for pagination (MIT)

  •    Javascript

See ./test.js for more examples. segmentize is available under MIT. See LICENSE for more details.

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