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node-sqlite - SQLite client library for Node

  •    Javascript

A wrapper library that adds ES6 promises and SQL-based migrations API to sqlite3 (docs).🔥 Want to strengthen your core JavaScript skills and master ES6? I would personally recommend this awesome ES6 course by Wes Bos.

evil-seed - A Gem for creating partial anonymized dumps of your database using your app model relations

  •    Ruby

EvilSeed is a tool for creating partial anonymized dump of your database based on your app models. Using production-like data in your staging environment could be very useful, especially for debugging intricate production bugs.

seeds2 - A Python application for live tweeting photos of your seeds growing on your Raspberry Pi.

  •    Python

seeds2 is a Python application that you can use to keep track of your seeds or plants growing on Twitter. It is a reboot of the Internet of Seeds project by Pimoroni in 2016. For testing without Tweeting you can set tweet to False in the config.py file.

smokesignal - Build your own small (or larger) peer to peer network with node.js

  •    Javascript

Scale your real-time app with p2p message passing. Smokesignal is not a gossip protocol. It does not implement p2p data replication for you. It is a plain, flexible peer-to-peer networking solution, onto which you can easily build your own replication model or use some event passing mechanism.

Importer - Laravel package for importing data from another database

  •    PHP

This package allows you to import data from another database locally. Make sure you have created a new database connection for your temporary database (from where you want to import the data) and it contains the required data.