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angular-seed - Extensible, reliable, modular, PWA ready starter project for Angular (2 and beyond) with statically typed build and AoT compilation

  •    TypeScript

Provides fast, reliable and extensible starter for the development of Angular projects.Warning: If you're just getting started with the entire JavaScript ecosystem then Angular Seed might not be the best choice for you. The project provides scalable approach for building Angular applications but you may face difficulties configuring this highly customizable solution. In such case we recommend the Angular CLI.

Bogus - :card_index: A simple and sane fake data generator for C#, F#, and VB

  •    CSharp

Hello. I'm your host Brian Chavez (twitter). Bogus is a simple and sane fake data generator for .NET languages like C#, F# and VB.NET. Bogus is fundamentally a C# port of faker.js and inspired by FluentValidation's syntax sugar.Minimum Requirements: .NET Standard 1.3 or .NET Framework 4.0.

casual - Fake data generator for javascript

  •    Javascript

NOTE: if getter function has non-empty arguments list then generator should be called as function casual.profile('public'), otherwise it should be accessed as property casual.profile. Default locale is en_US.

angular-seed-advanced - Advanced Angular seed project with support for ngrx/store, ngrx/effects, ngx-translate, angulartics2, lodash, NativeScript (*native* mobile), Electron (Mac, Windows and Linux desktop) and more

  •    TypeScript

Please read this notice first before continuing. Advice: If your project is intended to target a single platform (i.e, web only), then angular-seed is likely more than suitable for your needs. However if your project goals are to target multiple platforms (web, native mobile and native desktop), with powerful out of the box library support and highly configurable/flexible testing options, then you might want to keep reading.

generator-ngx-rocket - :rocket: Extensible Angular 6+ enterprise-grade project generator

  •    TypeScript

See generated project example here. A complete starter template: example app structure tailored for scalability, with examples and boilerplate code for every common thing needed in enterprise projects, such as unit tests, routing, authentication, HTTPS service extensions, i18n support with dynamic language change and automatic user language detection...

react-starterify - A minimal React JS application starter kit

  •    Javascript

A minimal React JS application starter kit. React Starterify aims to give you a good starting point for your projects. If you're looking for a minimal ES6 (ES2015) React JS starter with nice shallow rendering test examples, this is probably for you.

angular-starter - :star: Gulp Angular Starter using TypeScript (Updated to 4.4.3)

  •    Javascript

Welcome to Angular Starter! This starter contains almost everything you need to start developing Angular 2. Please visit the wiki for more details.

starter-kit - :package: Angular 6+ starter kit for enterprise-grade projects

  •    TypeScript

Web project starter kit including modern tools and workflow based on angular-cli, best practices from the community, a scalable base template and a good learning base. Generated using ngX-Rocket.

node-sqlite - SQLite client library for Node

  •    Javascript

A wrapper library that adds ES6 promises and SQL-based migrations API to sqlite3 (docs).🔥 Want to strengthen your core JavaScript skills and master ES6? I would personally recommend this awesome ES6 course by Wes Bos.

angular-npm-module-seed - Starting point for developing Angular modules and publishing them on NPM.

  •    TypeScript

Starting point for developing Angular modules and publishing them on NPM

react-typescript-webpack - Seed for building React app using Typescript and Webpack build using FLUXless architecture

  •    TypeScript

Disclaimer: I think Flux architecture and it's multiple implementations are great idea but it is always good to understand the bigger picture and related trade-offs...In software development, we should strive to attain deeper understanding of concepts instead of falling for the ever-changing HypeOfThe MonthYear. I was interested and a bit skeptical about the latest Flux hype and all the different libraries it spawned during relatively short period of time. Researching the topic brought fruit pretty quickly. In my opinion, this thread on reddit contains lot of insight into the situation.

meaner-seed - A better organised, more complete and updated MEAN seed

  •    Javascript

This is a MEAN (Mongo, Express, AngularJS, Node) seed enhanced & recharged (MEANER). This is partly based on mean.io and ngBoilerplate which are 2 great seeds projects for mean and angularjs.This is still a work in progress. I'm using it now for a personal project and I'll keep improving it while I use it.

testingRNG - Testing common random-number generators (RNG)

  •    C++

There are several benchmarks that can be used to test (pseudo-)random number generators (RNG). Of particular interest are TestU01 and PractRand. We want to easily test popular RNGs.It is fine to say that we can, in theory run these tests, but few of us will if it requires too much labor. The purpose of this project is to make it ridiculously easy to run your own tests if you have a mac or a Linux box with a recent C compiler.

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