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libreoffice-impress-templates - Freely-licensed LibreOffice Impress templates

  •    Ruby

It is surprisingly difficult to find well-designed presentation templates for LibreOffice Impress under a free license. LibreOffice comes pre-installed with a handful of barebones templates that are not terribly useful.

HLFMapViewController - :round_pushpin: Map modal for searching and selecting a location

  •    Swift

A generic implementation of a common feature: searching and selecting a nearby location from an MKMapView. This version uses Swift 3. The final Swift 2 version is 0.2.5.

caesar - An easy-to-use advanced cryptography library.

  •    CoffeeScript

An easy-to-use advanced cryptography library that lets you focus on writing applications that process data, not encrypted data. A lot of security officials will tell web developers that if they need to type the letters 'AES' then they're doing cryptography wrong. However, they rarely offer any actual secure options to help their audience complete that totally awesome NSA-proof application they've had in mind for the last couple of weeks. Combine this with the recent "Secure, Decentralized, and Anonymous {Insert Word Here} for Everyone!" fetish, and there has been astonishing amount of cryptographic code written recently that is not only difficult to peer review, but often buried within an application's core instead of left somewhere conspicuous. While this newfound affinity for cryptography is fantastic, not every one of these developers will want to dedicate the time and effort required to build a secure product before slapping on the label "It uses cryptography!" Or, perhaps even more disconcertingly, not every one of these developers is aware of the true power of modern cryptography.

inquirer-checkbox-plus-prompt - Checkbox with autocomplete and other additions for Inquirer

  •    Javascript

A plugin for Inquirer, similar to the original checkbox with extra features. You can name it with any name other than checkbox-plus, just change the string 'checkbox-plus' to anything else.

jquery-searchable - Tiny, fast jQuery plugin to search through elements as you type.

  •    Javascript

Tiny, fast jQuery plugin to search through elements as you type. This plugin is created and maintained by Stidges ( Twitter | Github ). Note: If you want to support older browsers like <IE9, you can use the jquery.searchable-ie.js instead of jquery.searchable.js. This version includes a polyfill for the Array.prototype.reduce function and is therefore slightly larger (a couple hundred bytes).

react-dropdown-tree-select - Lightweight, customizable and fast Dropdown Tree Select component for React

  •    Javascript

A lightweight and fast control to render a select component that can display hierarchical tree data. In addition, the control shows the selection in pills and allows user to search the options for quick filtering and selection. Also supports displaying partially selected nodes. Note: Above example will always fetch the latest version. To fetch a specific version, use https://unpkg.com/react-dropdown-tree-select@<version>/dist/... Visit unpkg.com to see other options.

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