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Squzer - Distributed Web Crawler

  •    Python

Squzer is the Declum's open-source, extensible, scale, multithreaded and quality web crawler project entirely written in the Python language.

full-text search engine framework project based on lucene

  •    DotNet

The purpose of this project is to develop a full-text search framework on top of lucene.

SP List Kit for SharePoint 2010


SP List Kit for SharePoint 2010 is rich feature set to enhance usability of all SharePoint Lists. It supports SharePoint 2010. All of SP List Kit support Sandboxed Solutions and SharePoint Online for Office 365.

SharePoint 2010 Site Search


Site Search is a federated location for SharePoint 2010, that allows you to search data in your site collection using the standard search api.

SharePoint Search Bench

  •    DotNet

SharePoint Search Bench contains a desktop app for testing and executing searches against a Microsoft Office Search Server (MOSS) environment and a .NET class library API for developers to execute searches homogeneously across both the Search web service or object model.

Multi-Value Refiner for SharePoint 2010

  •    CSharp

Out-of-the-box, SharePoint 2010 doesn't provide a refinement filter generator that works with multi-value properties. This project provides a sample implementation of one.

SharePoint Search Administrator Toolkit


The SharePoint Search Toolkit is an extension to the Shared Service Provider to allow search administrators to configure managed property weights and length normalization, carefully modify standard MOSS ranking parameters to tune relevance, and to execute the ranking update pr...

jquery.listfilter - A simple and fast jQuery plugin for creating a filter for an HTML list

  •    JQuery

A simple and fast jQuery plugin for creating a filter for an HTML list

search-result-keyword-highlighter - :mag: Highlight keywords in the body of text to enhance search results

  •    Javascript

Highlight a keyword in the body of text for a given search result. Google have user-tested every feature of their site/experience...