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defiant.js - http://defiantjs.com

  •    Javascript

DefiantJS provides the ability for you to build smart templates applicable on JSON structures, based upon proven & standardized technologies such as XSLT and XPath. DefiantJS also extends the global object JSON with the method "search", which enables searches on JSON structures with XPath expressions and returns matches as an array-like object.

tribler - Privacy enhanced BitTorrent client with P2P content discovery

  •    Python

Towards making Bittorrent anonymous and impossible to shut down. The aim of Tribler is giving anonymous access to online (streaming) videos. We are trying to make privacy, strong cryptography and authentication the Internet norm.

libraries.io - :books: The Open Source Discovery Service

  •    Ruby

Libraries.io helps developers find new open source libraries, modules and frameworks and keep track of ones they depend upon. Source hosted at GitHub. Report issues/feature requests on GitHub Issues. Follow us on Twitter @librariesio. We also hangout on Slack.

Memacs - What did I do on February 14th 2007? Visualize your (digital) life in Org-mode

  •    Python

Memacs extracts metadata (subjects, timestamps, contact information, …) from many different existing data sources (file names, emails, tweets, bookmarks, …) on your computer and generates files which are readable by GNU Emacs with Org-mode. Memacs - as the central component of the system - is a hub for all the connectors that add data from individual data sources. Those connectors are called Memacs modules or short module.

typesense - Fast, typo tolerant search engine for building delightful search experiences.

  •    C++

Typesense is a fast, typo-tolerant search engine for building delightful search experiences. You can download the binary packages that we publish for Linux (x86-64) and Mac.

FileMasta - Search servers for video, music, books, software, games, subtitles and much more

  •    CSharp

FileMasta is a search engine allowing you to find a file among millions of files located on FTP-servers. The search engine database contains the regularly updated information on the contents of thousands FTP-servers worldwide. We don't search the contents of the files. We host no content, we provide only access to already available files in the same way Google and other search engines do.

redmine_postgresql_search - PostgreSQL full text search plugin for Redmine

  •    Ruby

Makes Redmine search use PostgreSQL full text search instead of LIKE queries. Before running the plugin migrations, set the language environment variable to the language your Redmine content (mostly) is in. The setup_tsearch migration uses this to create a matching text search configuration in your Redmine database. This directly influences search results quality so don't just skip this (unless your language would be english, this is the default used by the migration).

bxh - Bounding Interval Hierarchy and Bounding Volume Hierarchy for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Bounding Interval Hierarchies (BIH) and Bounding Volume Hierarchies (BVH) are data structures that hierarchically divide a region of space in order to reduce the number of elements that must be considered when performing spatial queries. Space partitioning structures such as these help to dramatically speed up the processes of finding all the elements within a region or finding the intersection between a ray and a set of elements.

yoast-acf-analysis - WordPress plugin that adds the content of all ACF fields to the Yoast SEO score analysis

  •    Javascript

WordPress plugin that adds the content of all ACF fields to the Yoast SEO score analysis. ##Description Yoast WordPress SEO's score analysis does not take in to account the content of a post's Advanced Custom Fields. This plugin uses Yoast WordPress SEO 3.1's plugin system to hook into the analyser in order to add ACF content to the SEO analysis.

engine-mode - Minor mode for defining and querying search engines through Emacs.

  •    Emacs

engine-mode is a global minor mode for Emacs. It enables you to easily define search engines, bind them to keybindings, and query them from the comfort of your editor. This defines an interactive function engine/search-github. When executed it will take the selected region (or prompt for input, if no region is selected) and search GitHub for it, displaying the results in your default browser.

nroonga - A library for building Groonga powered nodes

  •    C++

nroonga is a library for building groonga powered nodes. You can write your custom full-text search backend on the top of node.js and groonga. NOTE: You need to install libgroonga-dev package in order to install nroonga.

font-awesome-search - Font Awesome - Icon Search Tool

  •    Javascript

This is a tool for making it easier to find the icons you are looking for and quickly copy the code you need. Search: Looks for text in any icon and possible aliases. Example: searching for "empty" ( without quotes ) will find you everything containing that word. Another Example: "yen" will return icon-jpy even through its not the icons name.


  •    Java

SpimeDB unifies the semantic, spatial, and temporal dimensions of data in a common n-dimensional ranged vector space. Exploit hyperdimensional locality for efficient iterative access in display, analysis, and distributed computation applications.

DBSR - DBSR: Database Search & Replace

  •    PHP

DBSR provides functionality for committing search-and-replace-operations on MySQL databases. It's main advantage above using a simple REPLACE()-SQL statement is the support for parsing PHP serialized strings, which are commonly used in for example WordPress databases. Since DBSR does its own parsing of serialized strings, it is also able to repair corrupted serializations, a problem often seen when less advanced search-replace scripts were used before on the same database.

cada - A simplistic interface to search and consult CADA advices

  •    CSS

A simplistic interface to search and consult CADA advices. This is the engine behind http://cada.data.gouv.fr.

KB-python-API - Python API for KB data-services

  •    Python

KB-Python-API is a simple API for Python, the API provides easy access to free and CC-BY-NC-ND datasets provided by the National Library of the Netherlands (KB). It relies on the back-end infrastructure of the KB which consists of an SRU and OAI-MPH service. The KB Python API makes it easy to interact with historical data, for more information on the provided datasets and data-rights take a look at the DataServices page of the KB.


  •    Javascript

These are for demonstration purposes only. There are many implementations of sorts in the Javascript standard library that are much better for performance reasons. From Wikipedia: Bubble sort, sometimes referred to as sinking sort, is a simple sorting algorithm that repeatedly steps through the list to be sorted, compares each pair of adjacent items and swaps them if they are in the wrong order. The pass through the list is repeated until no swaps are needed, which indicates that the list is sorted.

tiny-search-engine - This project is a Tiny Search Engine, that do searching in unlimited number of files in directory called data

  •    Python

Faculty of computer science and information Helwan university. This project is a Tiny Search Engine, that do searching in unlimited number of files in directory called data. The input is query like Term AND Term. The output the documents that matching this query.

search-result-keyword-highlighter - :mag: Highlight keywords in the body of text to enhance search results

  •    Javascript

Highlight a keyword in the body of text for a given search result. Google have user-tested every feature of their site/experience...

LookingGlass - Intuitive and configurable search interface for document archives.

  •    Ruby

Search, filter, and browse any set of documents. LookingGlass includes full text search, category filters, and date queries all through a nice search interface with an Elasticsearch backend. LookingGlass also supports customizable themes and flexible document view pages for browsing and embedding a variety of document types. LookingGlass requires DocManager so that it can interact with Elasticsearch. LookingGlass can be used in combination with Harvester for crawling, parsing, and loading documents and automatically turning them into a searchable archive. However, it also works well as a standalone archiving tool.

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