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LingDong is an open-source search engine implanted by C#&ASP.NET. It includes Index, Rank and Query, but not Crawler.



evaSearch is a open source enterprise server for indexing documents on local and share folders. Then you can quickly find your files using many user interfaces like a Web site or a console application.

MHTextSearch - A fast full-text search library for Objective-C

  •    Objective-C

A fast & minimal embedded full-text indexing library, written in Objective-C, built on top of Objective-LevelDB.By far, the easiest way to integrate this library in your project is by using CocoaPods.

ndx - Javascript (TypeScript) full text indexing and searching library

  •    TypeScript

ndx is a lightweight javascript (TypeScript) full-text indexing and searching library. Reddit Comments Search Engine - is a simple demo application that indexes 10,000 reddit comments. Demo application requires modern browser features: WebWorkers and IndexedDB. Comments are stored in the IndexedDB, and search engine is working in a WebWorker.

flow-indexer - Flow-Indexer indexes flows found in chunked log files from bro,nfdump,syslog, or pcap files

  •    Go

The deciding factor for how to partition the databases is how many unique ips you see per day. I suggest starting with monthly indexes. If the indexing performance takes a huge hit by the end of the month, switch to daily indexes. the indexall command will expand file_glob and index any log file that matches.

fulltext-engine - Query your levelup/leveldb engine using full text search phrases with INDEXES

  •    Javascript

Query your levelup/leveldb engine using full text search phrases with INDEXES. This is a plugin for level-queryengine.

level-queryengine - Search levelup/leveldb instances with pluggable query engines and pluggable indexing schemes

  •    Javascript

A generic pluggable query-engine system (that supports indexes) for levelup/leveldb databases. Using this architecture you can query your levelup database using your own query langauge with full index support.

blast - Blast is a full text search and indexing server. It is written in Go built on top of Bleve.

  •    Go

Blast is a full text search and indexing server written in Go built on top of the Bleve. It provides functions through gRPC (HTTP/2 + Protocol Buffers) or traditional RESTful API (HTTP/1.1 + JSON). Blast uses Raft consensus algorithm to achieve consensus across all the instances of the nodes, ensuring that every change made to the system is made to a quorum of nodes, or none at all. Blast makes it easy for programmers to develop search applications with advanced features. Blast requires Bleve and Bleve Extensions. Some Bleve Extensions requires C/C++ libraries. The following sections are instructions for satisfying dependencies on particular platforms.

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