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github-awesome-autocomplete - :octocat: Add instant search capabilities to GitHub's search bar

  •    Javascript

By working every day on building the best search engine, we've become obsessed with our own search experience on the websites and mobile applications we use. GitHub is quite big for us, we use their search bar every day but it was not optimal for our needs: so we just re-built Github's search the way we thought it should be and we now share it with the community via this Chrome, Firefox and Safari extensions. Algolia provides a developer-friendly SaaS API for database search. It enables any website or mobile application to easily provide its end-users with an instant and relevant search. With Algolia's unique find as you type experience, users can find what they're looking for in just a few keystrokes. Feel free to give Algolia a try with our 14-days FREE trial at Algolia.

alfred-npms - Alfred 3 workflow to search for npm packages with npms.io

  •    Javascript

npms.io is a great npm package search with deep analysis of package quality using a myriad of metrics. Much better than the official npmjs.com search.Requires Node.js 4+ and the Alfred Powerpack.

haro - Harō is a modern immutable DataStore

  •    Javascript

Harō is a modern immutable DataStore built with ES6 features, which can be wired to an API for a complete feedback loop. It is un-opinionated, and offers a plug'n'play solution to modeling, searching, & managing data on the client, or server (in RAM). It is a partially persistent data structure, by maintaining version sets of records in versions (MVCC). Synchronous commands return an Array instantly, while asynchronous commands return Promises which will resolve or reject in the future. This allows you to build complex applications without worrying about managing async code.

hexo-generator-search - A plugin to generate search data for Hexo.

  •    Javascript

Generate search data for Hexo 3.0. This plugin is used for generating a search index file, which contains all the neccessary data of your articles that you can use to write a local search engine for your blog. Supports both XML and JSON format output. You can configure this plugin in your root _config.yml.

gulp-sitemap - Generate a search engine friendly sitemap.xml using a Gulp stream

  •    Javascript

Easily generate a search engine friendly sitemap.xml from your project. Search engines love the sitemap.xml and it helps SEO as well.

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