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Crawlme - Ajax crawling for your web application

  •    Javascript

#Crawlme A Connect/Express middleware that makes your node.js web application indexable by search engines. Crawlme generates static HTML snapshots of your JavaScript web application on the fly and has a built in periodically refreshing in-memory cache, so even though the snapshot generation may take a second or two, search engines will get them really fast. This is beneficial for SEO since response time is one of the factors used in the page rank algorithm.Making ajax applications crawlable has always been tricky since search engines don't execute the JavaScript on the web sites they crawl. The solution to this is to provide the search engines with pre-rendered HTML versions of each page on your site, but creating those HTML versions has until now been a tedious and error prone process with many manual steps. Crawlme fixes this by rendering HTML snapshots of your web application on the fly whenever the Googlebot crawls your site. Apart from making the process of more or less manually creating indexable HTML versions of your site obsolete, this also has the benefit that Google will always index the latest version of your site and not some old pre-rendered version.

crawlable - Crawlable is a way to render your web application as a static web site

  •    Javascript

Crawlable could be your solution ! It is able to render your dynamic client side stuffs written with javascript, on the server side. By this way, it can give a static cached html to your client, before any javascript code started to be executed on the web page. You may say now, "ok, but what if I have cached some dynamic content which could be updated at every time !?".