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seamless-polyfill - A Javascript polyfill for the HTML5 iframe's seamless attribute.

  •    Javascript

A Javascript polyfill for the HTML5 iframe's seamless attribute. This is a polyfill for the iframe seamless attribute which does not currently have much support amongst stable browsers. In order to give us a similar effect, this polyfill will use the window.postMessage method to send information about the iframe's scrollHeight so it can be used by the parent to adjust the height of the iframe.

redux-seamless-immutable - Helpers for using seamless-immutable in Redux

  •    Javascript

Helpers for using seamless-immutable in Redux. Provides a compatible combineReducers and routerReducer (for use with react-router-redux). A seamless-immutable compatible combineReducers.

editor-background - Background image/animation for atom text editor

  •    CoffeeScript

Background image / animation changer for atom editor. Theme independent, feature rich atom plugin for graphic customization. Change your mood by changing what you looking at most of the time. It really works! Choose your image or youtube video as background to enchance your feelings while working. If you are bored or lazy find something energizing. If you are to much "energized" find something calming like 'background nature loop' on youtube.

vue-playlist - Simple vue component that takes an array of videos as a prop and stitches them together/plays seamlessly in a custom video player

  •    Vue

This is currently the only working solution to seamlessly play multiple videos (stitch into one video) in a row with a single working seek bar and controls made with vanilla JS. This simple and lightweight Vue.js component allows you to stitch multiple videos together into a one single video with interactive custom controls. It seamlessly plays videos from a given (dynamic) array and creates a single seekbar making it seem to appear as a single video.