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sdf - Simple SDF mesh generation in Python

  •    Python

Generate 3D meshes based on SDFs (signed distance functions) with a dirt simple Python API. Here is a complete example that generates the model shown. This is the canonical Constructive Solid Geometry example. Note the use of operators for union, intersection, and difference.

intrinsic3d - Intrinsic3D - High-Quality 3D Reconstruction by Joint Appearance and Geometry Optimization with Spatially-Varying Lighting (ICCV 2017)

  •    C++

Copyright (c) 2019, NVIDIA Corporation and Technical University of Munich. All Rights Reserved. The Intrinsic3D source code is available under the BSD license, please see the LICENSE file for details. All data in the Intrinsic3D Dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution License (CC BY 4.0), unless stated otherwise. Intrinsic3D is a method to obtain high-quality 3D reconstructions from low-cost RGB-D sensors. The algorithm recovers fine-scale geometric details and sharp surface textures by simultaneously optimizing for reconstructed geometry, surface albedos, camera poses and scene lighting.

msdf-bmfont - Generate BMFont texture and spec using msdfgen

  •    Javascript

Converts a .ttf font file into multichannel signed distance fields, then outputs packed spritesheets and a json representation of an AngelCode BMfont.Signed distance fields are a method of reproducing vector shapes from a texture representation, popularized in this paper by Valve. This tool uses Chlumsky/msdfgen to generate multichannel signed distance fields to preserve corners. The distance fields are created from vector fonts, then rendered into texture pages. A BMFont object is provided for character layout.

canvas-text - [experiment] better Canvas2D text rendering

  •    Javascript

Easier Canvas2D text rendering.This still has some bugs that is cutting off text in places. If you'd like to contribute, drop me a line in the issues. For now, the current version is unstable 0.x and undocumented until bugs are smoothed out.

node-fontnik - Fonts ⇢ protobuf-encoded SDF glyphs

  •    Javascript

A library that delivers a range of glyphs rendered as SDFs (signed distance fields) in a protocol buffer. We use these encoded glyphs as the basic blocks of font rendering in Mapbox GL. SDF encoding is superior to traditional fonts for our usecase terms of scaling, rotation, and quickly deriving halos - WebGL doesn't have built-in font rendering, so the decision is between vectorization, which tends to be slow, and SDF generation.The approach this library takes is to parse and rasterize the font with Freetype (hence the C++ requirement), and then generate a distance field from that rasterized image.

image-sdf - generate a signed distance field from an image

  •    Javascript

Command-line tool which takes a 4-channel RGBA image and generates a signed distance field. The bitmask is determined by pixels with alpha over 128 and any RGB channel over 128.The code has been adpated from libgdx.

tiny-sdf - Browser-side SDF font generator

  •    HTML

TinySDF is a tiny and fast JavaScript library for generating SDF (signed distance field) from system fonts on the browser using Canvas 2D and Felzenszwalb/Huttenlocher distance transform. This is very useful for rendering text with WebGL.This implementation is based directly on the algorithm published in the Felzenszwalb/Huttenlocher paper, and is not a port of the existing C++ implementation provided by the paper's authors.

pixi-sdf-text - Signed distance field text implementation for PixiJS

  •    Javascript

SDF is the most efficient way to draw text in WebGL. It uses special kind of raster atlases and GLSL shader to draw vector scalable text in a very performant way on GPU.

glsl-sdf-ops - A collection of modifiers and operations for distance field equations

  •    GLSL

A collection of useful operators and modifiers for distance field equations from iQ's excellent distance functions page. They can be used with glsl-sdf-primitives for combining and transforming basic primitive shapes. Operators include union, subtract, intersect and modifier include repeat, rotate and twist.

WebGL-Distance-Fields - :star: Realtime Euclidean distance field generation and rendering

  •    Javascript

Fast Euclidean distance field generation and rendering demo with three.js. Try it in your browser. Type something. Hit backspace or delete to remove letters. Mousewheel to zoom.

stewart - Simulating a Stewart platform in Gazebo using a plugin to allow control of a closed loop manipulator with ROS

  •    Python

Because the Stewart platform is a closed loop manipulator, the description was written in SDF rather than URDF. However, ROS does not support SDF by default, so a plugin was written to make the joints in Gazebo visible to ROS. Here is a link to an in-progress generalized version of this plugin: https://github.com/daniel-s-ingram/ros_sdf.

icub-model-generator - Resources and programs to generated models (URDF, SDF) of the iCub robot

  •    C++

Resources and programs to generate models (URDF, SDF) of the iCub robot. The models automatically generated by the software and the resources in this repository are available at https://github.com/robotology/icub-models . Note: this repository is meant to streamline the process of producing iCub URDF/SDF models by iCub mantainers. It is not meant to be used directly by users of iCub. For offical info on the kinematic parameters of the iCub, please see the documentation in iCub's wiki.

shapegan - Generative Adversarial Networks and Autoencoders for 3D Shapes

  •    Python

Note that although the code provided here works, most of the scripts need some configuration to work for a specific task. This project uses two different ways to represent 3D shapes. These representations are voxel volumes and implicit functions. Both use signed distances.

netsuite-suitecloud-sdk - SuiteCloud Software Development Kit (SuiteCloud SDK) are the set of tools that allow you to customize accounts and create SuiteApps through SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF)

  •    Javascript

SuiteCloud Software Development Kit (SuiteCloud SDK) are the set of tools that allow you to customize accounts and create SuiteApps through SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF). SuiteCloud CLI for Node.js is an open source project. Pull Requests are currently not being accepted. See CONTRIBUTING for details.

mpr-metal - Implicit shape rendering (SDF) in Metal.

  •    Metal

See original MPR paper by Matt Keeter: Massively Parallel Rendering of Complex Closed-Form Implicit Surfaces. Also see reference implementation in CUDA . It's recommended to read Keeter's MPR paper and review the CUDA reference implementation first (see above). This sections documents deviations from the reference implementation.