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toolkit - User interface components built on React.

  •    Javascript

Titon Toolkit is a collection of very powerful user interface components built on React. Components in Titon follow the presentational paradigm, which provide full control of how, where, and why components are rendered. Functionality within a component, like jumping to the next slide in a carousel, or toggling a menu, is possible through contexts -- a type of public API.

coreui-free-bootstrap-admin-template - CoreUI is free bootstrap admin template

  •    HTML

Curious why I decided to create CoreUI? Please read this article: Jack of all trades, master of none. Why Bootstrap Admin Templates suck. CoreUI is an Open Source Bootstrap Admin Template. But CoreUI is not just another Admin Template. It goes way beyond hitherto admin templates thanks to transparent code and file structure. And if that's not enough, let’s just add that CoreUI consists bunch of unique features and over 1000 high quality icons.

furtive - A forward-thinking, lightweight, css microframework

  •    CSS

A forward-thinking, lightweight, CSS microframework. Minimal by design. 2.47kB gzipped.

mustard-ui - A starter CSS framework that actually looks good.

  •    CSS

Mustard is a starter CSS framework that actually looks good. You can start configuring the colors to suit your needs by first changing the $brand-color variable located in src/scss/base/base.scss from $color-green-500 to $color-indigo-500 or any other color you'd like. There are lots of colors that can be found in the src/scss/vars/colors.scss file.

vanilla-framework - From community websites to web applications, this CSS framework will help you achieve a consistent look and feel

  •    CSS

Vanilla Framework is a simple extensible CSS framework, built using Sass and is designed to be used either directly or by using themes to extend or supplement its patterns. You can link to the latest build to add directly into your markup like so, by replacing the x values with the version number you wish to link.

teutonic-css - A modern CSS framework — versatile, well documented.

  •    CSS

Teutonic CSS is a modern web design system to develop responsive, accessible websites and web applications. It's based on CSS Variables for easy customization and extension. It features cool tech like CSS Grid. The source is a collection of SCSS modules, but you can use the minified version, as it can be modified using CSS Vars. This repo only contains the pure SCSS files to build the CSS from, also check out the Teutonic Docs.

ember-sass-express-starter - Starter project for Ember+Express apps

  •    CSS

Thanks to Ember's Convention-over-Configuration we are quickly able to generate application files with a simple command. That is a huge time saver in the long run.To start a web server, run npm start. Note: MongoDB must be running or else the server won't start. Then visit http://localhost:3000. There are no server-side views, thus you will not see res.render anywhere in the code. The index.html is loaded implicitly from the /public folder. And index.html in turn loads the entire Ember application.

alom - Alom is the lighest, simplest framework ever

  •    CSS

Alom is the lighest, simplest framework ever, it will help you to kick up your project without interfering with any style, it is designed to make your life simpler and to help you deal with all the responsive stuff.We recommend you read the documentation for information about the class names and its implementation.

icalicons - Do whatever you want icons font

  •    CSS

We recommend you read the documentation for information about what icons are available to you.Make sure you have nodejs installed.

core - Our Front-end baseplate, from mobile to desktop

  •    CSS

The Engage Interactive website baseplate. We've all played with the latest baseplate/boilerplate/bootstrap but were never truly happy with them. We've produced somewhat of a halfway house between the HTML5 Boilerplate and something like Foundation. It contains the usual basics, plus some really useful core files and project settings.

BaseWeb - A fresh front-end development framework.

  •    CSS

BaseWeb is a fresh SCSS (Sassy CSS) front-end development tool that can be used as a framework or library. It's built to help keep your projects simple, organized and responsive. Documentation can be found at http://getbaseweb.com/. A copy of the documentation are included with this repository. If you see any errors or problems with the docs, please feel free to open an issue ticket and I'll do my best to get things fixed. BaseWeb docs are built with Jekyll.

stacss - The unobtrusive SCSS framework

  •    CSS

The unobtrusive SCSS framework. STACSS is a lightweight structured SCSS directory which scaffolds basic styles, variables and indispensable modules.

once - Once CSS library

  •    CSS

Once CSS/SASS library solves the headache of repetitive CSS. We have adopted best practices from OOCSS and atomic/functional CSS. The goal is to write the basic widely used classes once for everyone to use and not repeat yourself. Basically one class does one specific job but can do multiple CSS properties. Import .scss files you need from sass/ directory in your projects SCSS. If you like to use all the features - you can import sass/main.scss or copy content from sass/main.scss into your project.

Kayzen-GS - Kayzen-GS is a powerful framework for building responsive grid systems for the web

  •    CSS

The simple answer is; flexibility. By definition, columns are just inline blocks - it's the way CSS columns are supposed to work. Creating CSS columns by applying inline-block opens up a whole world of flexibility for your columns - the most useful benefit being the ability to set their horizontal and vertical alignment, just by setting the text-align and vertical-align properties respectively. By default, using inline-block for columns causes a natural whitespace to appear between each column, which can vary in width from font to font and browser to browser. This has caused many people many problems, and there are plenty of go-to hacky and impractical work arounds, none of which are really suitble for a production environment. Kayzen-GS allows for the use of completely usable and functional columns which use inline-block and have no white-space. Kayzen-GS works in all browsers, including Internet Explorer 6 (not that anyone uses it anymore...).