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react-native-tab-view - A cross-platform Tab View component for React Native

  •    Javascript

A cross-platform Tab View component for React Native. This is a JavaScript-only implementation of swipeable tab views. It's super customizable, allowing you to do things like coverflow.

react-native-parallax-scroll-view - A ScrollView-like component with parallax and sticky header support

  •    Javascript

Note: For React Native 0.19.0 and earlier, you'll want to use react-native-parallax-scroll-view@0.17.4. Version 0.18.0 changes the scrolling API to be compatible with React Native 0.20.0. Please refer to the ListView example provided to see how ParallaxScrollView can be used in combination with ListView.


  •    JQuery

small jQuery plugin that transforms any div into a scrollable area with a nice scrollbar. Demo and more:

tabs - Tab navigators for React Navigation

  •    TypeScript

Tab navigators for React Navigation. Follow the instructions on the the React Navigation "Getting Started" guide, and then add the react-navigation-tabs package to your project.

react-native-parallax-swiper - Paged Parallax Swiper with Effects

  •    Javascript

Configurable parallax swiper based on an iOS pattern. This component is inspired by an iOS pattern that no react-native-parallax-whatever previously delivered. It emulates this pattern by using the ScrollView component which has features like velocity, paging, and platform specific easing curves; It also has optional dividers to split up each page. You can see this pattern in apps like iOS Camera Roll, Twitter Moments, Kylie Jenner’s app, Vevo’s app, and more.

scrollable - Angular2 Automatic Scroll Detection With Animation

  •    Javascript

Accepting volunteers and ready to transfer ownership. This module is only improved and maintained by contributors like you.

ngui - Collection of Quality Angular2 Directives

  •    TypeScript

Accepting volunteers and ready to transfer ownership. In result of your active contribution, you will be listed as a core contributor on https://ng2-ui.github.io, and a member of ng2-ui too.

MapEscape - jQuery / Zepto plugin for maps

  •    Javascript

A jQuery / Zepto plugin for maps. This plugin detects if the viewable area on your map is greater than or beyond the screen height, and places a scrollable area to the right of your map. This scrollable area then allows you to scroll out of the map and reach the rest of the content on your web page.

react-intersection-list - React infinite scroll using the Intersection <Observer /> API

  •    Javascript

Agent Smith: ...we have no choice but to continue as planned. Deploy the sentinels. Immediately. React Intersection List builds on top of React Intersection Observer, using a sentinel in the DOM to deliver a high-performance and smooth scrolling experience, even on low-end devices.

phaser-scrollable - A phaser component to implement a scrollable group.

  •    Javascript

This component can simulate vertical and horizontal scrolling to a Phaser.Group. This component is directly derived from jdnichollsc's amazing work on his plugin, Kinetic Scrolling Plugin. I converted it to use groups instead of moving the camera, added support for multiple scrollers, and some bug fixes.

angular-scrollable-table - A fixed header table directive for AngularJS

  •    CSS

Yet another table directive for AngularJS. This one features a fixed header that elegantly handles overly-long column header names.

ender-carousel - Ender-carousel is a simple carousel plugin for ender.

  •    Javascript

Ender-carousel is a really simple carousel plugin for Ender. You can easily build your own gallery on the top of this plugin. It's just 1.7 KByte (minified and gzipped). It requires Jeesh and Morpheus for animations. Even though, you can leave Morpheus out if you are fine without animations. Currently it's tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE7+. You can report bugs here.

jquery.dragscrollable - jQuery dragscrollable Plugin by Miquel Herrera

  •    Javascript

Adds the ability to manage elements scroll by dragging one or more of its descendant elements. Options parameter allow to specifically select which inner elements will respond to the drag events. Will the dragging element accept propagated events? default is yes, a propagated mouse event on a inner element will be accepted and processed. If set to false, only events originated on the draggable elements will be processed.

react-native-scrollable-decorator - A standard interface for your scrollable React Native components, making it easier to compose components

  •    Javascript

The @scrollable decorator lets your scrollable React Native components conform to a standard interface, making it easier to compose components. This lets you compose different types of ScrollView-like components while preserving the ScrollView API, including methods like scrollTo. See ScrollableMixin for the mixin version of this decorator.

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