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Platypus - Mac developer tool that creates application bundles from command line scripts

  •    Objective-C

Platypus is an OS X developer tool that creates native Mac applications from interpreted scripts such as shell scripts or Perl and Python programs. This is done by wrapping the script in an application bundle directory structure along with an application binary that runs the script. Platypus makes it easy to share scripts and programs with those unfamiliar with the command line interface. Native user-friendly applications can be created with a few clicks. It is very easy to create installers, administrative applications, login items, status menu items, launchers, automations and droplets using Platypus.

npx - execute npm package binaries

  •    Javascript

npx [options] <command>[@version] [command-arg]... npx [options] [-p|--package <pkg>]... <command> [command-arg]...

npm-build-boilerplate - A collection of packages that build a website using npm scripts.

  •    Javascript

A collection of packages that build a website using npm scripts. autoprefixer, browser-sync, eslint, imagemin-cli, node-sass, onchange, npm-run-all, postcss-cli, svgo, svg-sprite-generator, uglify-js.

gulp-inject - A javascript, stylesheet and webcomponent injection plugin for Gulp

  •    Javascript

I don't have enough time to maintain this plugin as I would want to, so I'm looking for people who want to help out and be contributors/repository admins. Contact me! See package.json for contact information.

nps - :100: All the benefits of npm scripts without the cost of a bloated package

  •    Javascript

Even though npm scripts have a ton of advantages (learn more), it can grow into an unmaintainable mess in your package.json file. Part of the problem is we're configuring scripts in json which has fundamental issues (like no comments).To use nps, it's recommended that you either install it globally (npm i -g nps) or add ./node_modules/bin to your $PATH (be careful that you know what you're doing when doing this, find out how here).

gulp-useref - Parse build blocks in HTML files to replace references to non-optimized scripts or stylesheets

  •    Javascript

Inspired by the grunt plugin grunt-useref. It can handle file concatenation but not minification. Files are then passed down the stream. For minification of assets or other modifications, use gulp-if to conditionally handle specific types of assets. Changes under the hood have made the code more efficient and simplified the API. Since the API has changed, please observe the usage examples below.

scripty - Because no one should be shell-scripting inside a JSON file.

  •    Javascript

Indeed, this is much simpler, but it can quickly become a mess. Take a look at what happened to our testdouble.js library's package.json. Using npm-scripts for everything is simple to start with, but it can't hope to guard against the complexity that naturally accumulates over the life of a project. From this point on, you can run npm run foo:bar and scripty will use npm's built-in npm_lifecycle_event environment variable to look up scripts/foo/bar and execute it for you.

Build n Deploy for Webmatrix


Run your own scripts/ executables for building code, optimizing files and/or deploying your website content to folders or any kind of processing.

Powershell Depo


This a collection of Powershell scripts that are collected and modified from anywhere and everywhere. Feel free to download whatever you need.



This project contains PowerShell CmdLets for synchronizing File Directory Structures. Its primary mechanism is to build an XML Manifest File with SHA1 Hashcodes for detecting Additions, Deletions, Changes, and Renames. The core CmdLets are suitable for other purposes.

SharePoint Management PowerShell scripts


This project site stores all the PowerShell scripts developed for SharePoint farms (WSS or MOSS) management. Each script is available independently and can be modified as desired



A collection of scripts that simplify the usage of SQL Server 2005 and over DMVs, avoiding the user to have to write queries with tons of joins and allowing him to have directly the results he needs.

Microsoft SQL Server Community Samples: Scripts


This project contains SQL Server Script samples contributed by Microsoft outside of the regular release cycle, MVPs, and other members of the community.

melchior.js - Chainable Module Definition (CMD) dependency loader for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Tiny JavaScript in-browser module loader that implements Chainable Module Definition API.Melchior is the first library that fully implements the Draft proposed by John Wu and brings to life "the most javascripty" way to configure modules and its dependencies for in-browser use.

prettiest - Improbably easy data storage and locking for command line scripts

  •    Javascript

Incredibly simple data storage and locking for command line scripts. Pairs nicely with shelljs and a nice chianti.

homerun - Turn npm package scripts into CLI commands

  •    Javascript

Since npm 2.0, you can pass arguments to scripts... wait... what if you could use that for creating CLIs? Homerun is a little experiment that lets you just do that. If you need more, I highly recommend minimist.And of course, while you develop, you can still use npm run add -- 1 2 to test your command.

glob-run - Run multiple commands by glob patterns sequentially.

  •    Javascript

Run multiple commands by glob patterns sequentially.And then you can just do npm run build.

nps-utils - Utilities for http://npm.im/nps (npm-package-scripts)

  •    Javascript

nps is a great package to empower your scripts and there are some common things you wind up doing to keep your package-scripts.js file clean, useful, and maintainable. So you wind up duplicating utility functions across projects.This has several utility functions you'll often want when using nps.

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