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lpmsserv - an http server based on elpmis

  •    DotNet

an http server based on elpmis script language with localization / storage <storoom> supported can setup http server without any c++ / vb.net / c# code change support save & refresh, can get response changed without even restart server



CFScript is an ANT-like scripting system for Compact Framework. Tasks like copying files, setting registry values o install CAB files can be done with CFScript.

Script Engine by C# and regular expression

  •    CSharp

The script engine is a lightweigth and simple one, which is implemented by pure C# and regular expression. It's samll and with good performance and external data and functions can be embedded in at run time. The grammer is decided and designed by yourself!



Native C# scripting engine for use with xna on the windows and xbox platforms.

neo4j-script-procedures - Neo4j Procedures to declare, store and run Javascript based procedures

  •    Java

This project demonstrates how to create dynamic procedures and functions on top of Neo4j’s built in infrastructure. You can create JavaScript functions in your database that can be later run using the 'nashorn' engine.

feel-scala - FEEL parser and interpreter written in Scala

  •    Scala

A community extension for Camunda BPM which replaces the built-in FEEL engine of the Camunda DMN engine. FEEL (Friendly Enough Expression Language) is a part of the DMN specification of the OMG. It is designed to write expressions for decision tables and literal expressions in a simple way what can easily understand by business professionals and developers.

jgrab - Runs Java code without a build system, grabbing dependencies declared in the Java file itself

  •    Java

Runs Java code without a build system, grabbing dependencies declared in the Java file itself. To make it extremely fast to run Java code, JGrab employs a daemon which runs in the background, ready to run code once it is started up.

mqtt-scripts - Node.js based script runner for use in MQTT based Smart Home environments

  •    Javascript

mqtt-scripts is a Node.js based script runner for use in mqtt based smart home environments. It's intentended to be used as the "logic layer" in your smart home, and offers a zero-boilerplate, straight forward scripting environment.

gentee - Gentee - script programming language for automation

  •    Go

Gentee is a free open source script programming language. The Gentee programming language is designed to create scripts to automate repetitive actions and processes on your computer. If you use or plan to use .bat files, bash, PowerShell or special programs to automate actions, then try doing the same thing with Gentee. All documentation is available on GitHub pages. It describes features that have already been realized.

ioBroker.javascript - Script engine for JavaScript and Blockly

  •    Javascript

Executes Javascript, Typescript and Coffescript Scripts. Here you can find description of blockly.