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Flameshot - Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software

  •    C++

Flameshot is a powerful yet simple to use screenshot software. It supports Customizable appearance, In-app screenshot edition, GUI and CLI support, Upload to Imgur.

recordMyDesktop - Desktop session recorder for Linux

  •    C

recordMyDesktop is a program that captures audio-video data of a linux desktop session, producing an ogg-encapsulated theora-vorbis file. recordMyDesktop tries to be as unobstrusive as possible by processing only regions of the screen that have changed. It offers also the ability to record audio through ALSA, OSS or the JACK audio server.


  •    Go

Automation library like java.awt.Robot. It uses xgb for X11 environment.

srs - A WebM screen recorder.

  •    Rust

srs records your screen. Don't forget to install libvpx and libopus.

go-scrap - Go library to capture screen pixels for screenshots or screen recording

  •    Go

go-scrap is a Go wrapper around the Rust scrap library. It supports reasonably fast capturing of raw screen pixels. The library dependency is only at compile time and statically compiled into the binary. It works on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Note: On Windows this must use the same gcc that Cgo would. Go does not support MSVC-compiled libraries yet. The easiest way to ensure this is with rustup by running rustup default stable-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu before building.