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CSGOScoreBot - A Reddit bot for posting live CS:GO scores

  •    Javascript

To get your OAuth2 id and secret, create a new app and make sure to select the script type. You will be able to access your new app's details by clicking on the edit button - the id will be listed under the name at the top, and your secret will be listed below. Finally, add all the accounts you'll be using as developers on the app. Enter your newly created OAuth2 id and secret in the appropriate location in the options.json file. Next, you'll need to enter the account information for the Reddit accounts you'll be using on the bot. The bot will automatically cycle through the accounts to avoid being slowed down by Reddit's occasional one-minute cooldowns.

hltv-livescore - A Node.js wrapper for the HLTV scorebot

  •    Javascript

This module is based on @Nols1000's original version, created back in May of 2015. It is packed full of features, but was never updated to the newest version of HLTV's scorebot. The purpose of this version is to be more of a wrapper for HLTV, and to incorporate all of the features available with the new scorebot. Constructs a new Livescore. You will be automatically connected to the HLTV scorebot server. The game with the specified listid will be automatically started if provided. If not provided, you must specify them using them using the start() method.