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cordova-plugin-queries-schemes - Cordova / PhoneGap Plugin to bypass the iOS 9 App Queries Schemes (LSApplicationQueriesSchemes)


Cordova / PhoneGap Plugin to work arround Apple's iOS9 requirement that URL Schemes be declared and submitted to Apple (via Info.plist file). You can add any schemes necessary by just adding another entry in the list (in plugin.xml).

color-harmony - Create color scales by rotating hue

  •    Javascript

A javascript library that creates color scales/harmonies by rotating the hue of the given color. There are also helper methods to create shades (mixing w/ black), tints (mixing w/ white), and tones (mixing w/ middle gray).

themeX - The ultimate UNIVERSAL syntax color theme generator that let's you build your color scheme in just one file and compile for a wide range of different editors

  •    TypeScript

There are many editors to support. Fortunately Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text and TextMate have a shared format tmTheme that is also supported by Atom through a convertor. However it still remains support for major tools like Visual Studio, Xcode, Xamarin Studio, IDEs by Jetbrains, LightTable, Qt Creator and many many many other... Colors defined by you are not displayed in the result correctly. After having an interesting issue with Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text, we found out that the editors tend to change your colors. We had to have a way to bypass their color filters by changing the colors of your scheme in the result files so after they apply their color changes, your colors remain the same.

Schemr - A color scheme selector for Sublime Text.

  •    Python

Schemr allows you to quickly change your color scheme using the command palette and keyboard shortcuts. With Schemr, you get commands to easily cycle forward, backward and randomly through your available color schemes. Install Schemr through Package Control, or download and extract it into your Sublime Text Packages folder.

static-land-recursion-schemes - Javascript recursion schemes compatible with flow-static-land

  •    Javascript

Recursion schemes library, compatible with flow-static-land. This provides a small core set of recursion schemes. Functions for composing schemes are not provided. Documentation is in-process, and will be written as a set of guides here.

estilo - Create color schemes for vim, airline and lightline

  •    Javascript

Estilo makes easy to create and maintain colorschemes for vim, airline and lightline.