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gh-ost - GitHub's Online Schema Migrations for MySQL

  •    Go

gh-ost is a triggerless online schema migration solution for MySQL. It is testable and provides pausability, dynamic control/reconfiguration, auditing, and many operational perks.gh-ost produces a light workload on the master throughout the migration, decoupled from the existing workload on the migrated table.

cli - The Sequelize CLI

  •    Javascript

Sequelize CLI is always looking for contributions. You can help us with fixing bugs, reporting bugs or improving documentation.CLI v3 fully supports Sequelize v3. Support for Sequelize v4 is still experimental.

skeema - Schema management CLI for MySQL

  •    Go

Skeema supports a pull-request-based workflow for schema change submission, review, and execution. This permits your team to manage schema changes in exactly the same way as you manage code changes. Pre-built skeema binaries for Linux and macOS can be downloaded from the releases page.

gormigrate - Minimalistic database migration helper for Gorm ORM

  •    Go

Gormigrate is a migration helper for Gorm. Gorm already have useful migrate functions, just misses proper schema versioning and rollback cababilities.If you have a lot of migrations, it can be a pain to run all them, as example, when you are deploying a new instance of the app, in a clean database. To prevent this, you can set a function that will run if no migration was run before (in a new clean database). Remember to create everything here, all tables, foreign keys and what more you need in your app.

picoDb - Minimalist database query builder for PHP5

  •    PHP

PicoDb is a minimalist database query builder for PHP. The Sqlite driver enable foreign keys by default.

php-mongo-migrator - Migrations of MongoDB. Part of @PHPMongoKit

  •    PHP

After installation you will be able to run commands in console by running ./vendor/bin/mongo-migrator command. PHPMongo currently based on old ext-mongo entension. To use this ODM with PHP 7, you need to add compatibility layer, which implement API of old extension over new ext-mongodb. To start using PHPMongo with PHP7, add requirement alcaeus/mongo-php-adapter to composer. Restrictions for using ODM with compatibility layer you can read in known issues of original adapter.

departure - Percona's pt-online-schema-change runner for ActiveRecord migrations.

  •    Ruby

This repository is an archive of Departure before the move to departurerb/departure. New issues and pull requests, for all branches, should be opened at departurerb/node. New issues and pull requests opened here will automatically be rejected.

piggy - A friendly PostgreSQL script runner in the spirit of DbUp.

  •    C

A friendly PostgreSQL script runner in the spirit of DbUp. Piggy is a simple command-line tool for managing schema and data changes to PostgreSQL databases. Piggy looks for .sql files in a directory and applies them to the database in order, using transactions and a change log table to ensure each script runs only once per database.

Mongo.Migration - On-the-fly migrations with MongoDB C# Driver

  •    CSharp

Mongo.Migration is designed for the MongoDB C# Driver to migrate your documents easily and on-the-fly. No more downtime for schema-migrations. Just write small and simple migrations. **PLEASE NOTE** If you use on-the-fly migration updates, aggregation pipeline and projections are not handled, because they don’t use serialization. You have to handle them yourself.

underbase - MongoDB schema and data migration library based on semver

  •    TypeScript

This project has been discontinued as of August, 2020 since it didn't match my expectations. Feel free to fork or contribute by making pull requests to keep the project up to date and maintained. Renovate has been disabled, dependencies will no longer be updated. Only security patches will be published to npm. Underbase is a MongoDB schema and data migration library that provides an easy-to-use abstract interface for writting, organizing and executing your database migrations. Usable both in the CLI and as a module, you can easily implement it in your framework's code base.

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