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GNUbatch is a job scheduler to run under Unix and GNU/Linux operating systems. It executes jobs at specified dates and times or according to dependencies or interlocks defined by the user. Schedules of jobs may be run on just one processor, or shared across several processors on a network with network-wide dependencies. Access to jobs and other facilities may be restricted to one user or several users in a group as required.

pg_cron - Run periodic jobs in PostgreSQL

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pg_cron can run multiple jobs in parallel, but it runs at most one instance of a job at a time. If a second run is supposed to start before the first one finishes, then the second run is queued and started as soon as the first run completes. An easy way to create a cron schedule is: crontab.guru.

muco - Multithreaded Coroutines library

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A working experiment at stackful coroutines that can be spawned, suspended and resumed by any thread; without sacrificing much performance. Each thread has its own scheduler that first try to exhaust its own queue, then try to steal from a random scheduler. Schedulers' queue follow the "Scheduling Multithreaded Computations by Work Stealing" (1999) paper, with tweaks from the follow-up "Thread Scheduling for Multiprogrammed Multiprocessors" (2001) paper.