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whs.js - :rocket: 🌪 Super-fast 3D framework for Web Applications 🥇 & Games 🎮. Based on Three.js

  •    Javascript

whs is currently at v2 major version. We don't have clear plans for v3 yet. So v2 will probably remain the main stable version until at least 2018. We try to publish patch releases every 20 days or even more often.


  •    Javascript

WebGLStudio.js is an open-source, browser-based 3D graphics suite. You can edit scenes and materials, design effects and shaders, code behaviours, and share your work - all within a browser using standard web technologies. To install WebGLStudio.js, copy the editor files to your server, then install LiteFileSystem.js into a fileserver/ folder within the editor/ directory. LiteFileSystem is a library that handles remote file storage. For more information, see the /INSTALL.md file and the LiteFileSystem.js documentation.

litescene.js - A WebGL 3D Engine library with component-based node hierarchy. Used by WebGLStudio

  •    Javascript

Litescene is a scene graph library for WebGL with a component based hierarchical node system. It comes with a realistic rendering pipeline and some interesting components to make it easier to build and share scenes. Litescene has been created to work together with WebGLStudio, an open source online 3D editor. From WebGLStudio you can export the JSON file containing all the info and use it in your LiteScene.

scene-data - pack geometry data into typed arrays and textures to minimize draw calls

  •    Javascript

You can think of this library as occupying the same niche that scene graphs typically inhabit, but this library is more flexible and probably easier to wring performance out of. You can do "scene graph" type things with scene-data, but you're not required to. For example, for most purposes you could store a second matrix alongside a model matrix as a way of specifying a group transform. If you wanted something that was completely scenegraphy you could write arbitrary code to calculate a model matrix on the javascript side of the fence.

sdl-game-engine - 2D game engine based on SDL2

  •    C++

This project aims to create a full 2D game engine for the SDL2 library. The AssetManager has a set of Locators and Loaders.

rendeer.js - Light-weight 3D Scene graph library with renderer in WebGL

  •    Javascript

Rendeer.js is a lightweight 3D scene graph library, meant to be used in 3D web apps and games. It is meant to be flexible and easy to tweak. It used the library litegl.js as a low level layer for WebGL. And because it uses litegl you have all the basic ones (Mesh, Shader and Texture).

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