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superstruct - A simple and composable way to validate data in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

A simple and composable way to validate data in JavaScript. Superstruct makes it easy to define interfaces and then validate JavaScript data against them. Its type annotation API was inspired by Typescript, Flow, Go, and GraphQL, giving it a familiar and easy to understand API.

ND4j - Scientific Computing for the JVM (NDArrays)

  •    Java

ND4J is an open-sourced scientific computing library for the JVM. Its features include Versatile n-dimensional array object, Multiplatform functionality including GPUs Linear algebra and signal processing functions and lot more.

Smile - :smile: Emoji in Swift

  •    Swift

We would love you to contribute to Smile, check the CONTRIBUTING file for more info.

cwise - Component-wise operations for ndarrays

  •    Javascript

This library can be used to generate cache efficient map/reduce operations for ndarrays.Note that in the above, i is not an actual Array, the indexing notation is just syntactic sugar.

matrix-dimension - An alternative integrations manager for Riot

  •    Javascript

Dimension supports some bridges and bots, however using Dimension in a production scenario is not recommended. Dimension uses features available in recent builds of Riot and may not work on older versions. There are plans on the matrix.org front to better support integration managers. Those changes may require an updated homeserver and Riot when made available.

matrix - A JavaScript utility library for working with mathematical matrices

  •    Javascript

For more information (including an installation guide), see the docs. Patches welcome, just make sure there are matching unit tests. Tests use mocha with expect.js. To install, just cd into the directory and run npm install.

graphql-type-factory - Additional GraphQL types.

  •    Javascript

Install the package. Use new types as you would use the default GraphQL types.

graphql-tools-types - Custom Scalar Types for GraphQL-Tools

  •    Javascript

This Node.js module provides the custom scalar types Void, Integer, Float, String, Date, Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) for GraphQL Tools, a wrapper around the GraphQL engine GraphQL.js. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

graphql-iso-date - A set of RFC 3339 compliant date/time GraphQL scalar types.

  •    Javascript

GraphQL ISO Date is a set of RFC 3339 compliant date/time scalar types to be used with graphQL.js. Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps, July 2002.

gnt - :cocktail: GraphQL Normalized Types

  •    Javascript

The gin-n-tonic of GraphQL types: simple, final, clean. Normalize your common data with GraphQL Scalar types. Contributions are more than welcome! This repo is not meant to be owned by me (and if there is a more suitable owner please let me know), but rather by the commuity.

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