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FlockDB - A distributed, fault-tolerant graph database from Twitter

  •    Scala

FlockDB is much simpler than other graph databases such as neo4j because it tries to solve fewer problems. It scales horizontally and is designed for on-line, low-latency, high throughput environments such as web-sites. Twitter uses FlockDB to store social graphs (who follows whom, who blocks whom) and secondary indices. As of April 2010, the Twitter FlockDB cluster stores 13+ billion edges and sustains peak traffic of 20k writes/second and 100k reads/second.

quckoo - Fault tolerant distributed task scheduler.

  •    Scala

Quckoo is a fault-tolerant distributed task scheduler platform that runs on the JVM. The aim of the project is the implementation of a reliable system able to run large amount of scheduled tasks without single points of failure. To achieve that, Quckoo is composed of a cluster of scheduler nodes and ad hoc worker nodes that connect to this cluster and request for work to be sent to them. It's basically a generalization of the distributed worker pattern (and in fact the implementation owes a lot to the previous post).

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