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generator-sails-rest-api - Yeoman generator for scaffolding Sails REST API with predefined features

  •    Javascript

Yeoman generator that provides already configured and optimized Sails REST API with bundle of predefined features. You will be prompted to answer to questions. Answer to those questions and you will get configured Sails project.

.NET Type Scaffolding


A fast and customizable way to add type to your project. You can specify property types or can use conventions. Inspired by MvcScaffolding. Here is the simplest example from Package Manager console: PM> Scaffold Type Person Id,FirstName,LastName,BirthDate?

Model Scaffolding for ASP.NET MVC

  •    ASPNET

A fast and customizable way to add Model (with optional Controller and Views) to your ASP.NET MVC project. You can specify property types or can use conventions. Inspired by MvcScaffolding.

vulcanjs-cli - The official cli scaffolding tool for VulcanJS

  •    Javascript

This tool is very new and is still under development. Use with caution. Always commit your code before using any program that modifies it.VulcanJS is a full stack javascript framework, built on Meteor, React and GraphQL. If you aren't familiar with VulcanJS, we highly recommend that you check out the website and read the docs.

tubular - A set of AngularJS directives designed to rapidly build modern web applications

  •    Javascript

Developing with .NET as backend? check Tubular DotNet project.Developing with Node.js as backend? check Tubular Node.js project.

scaffolt - Dead-simple JSON-based scaffolder.

  •    Javascript

Dead-simple scaffolder. Consumes JSON generators with Handlebars support.Install with npm: npm install -g scaffolt.

northwest - CLI for making NW.js apps with the JavaScript boilerplate of your choice

  •    Javascript

Journey to the north west child, there, you will find solace. This example makes an app with make then seeds it with create-react-app via the seed command.

generator-es6-npm-module - Yeoman generator for starting ES6 npm module with Mocha, Istanbul, Travis, Coveralls

  •    Javascript

This generator creates empty npm module with ES6 support and integrated Travis and Coveralls services. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

scaffolder - Database scaffolding tool

  •    CSharp

"Scaffolder" project lets you create extensible data-driven Web applications by inferring at run time the appearance and behavior of data entities from the database schema and deriving UI behavior from it. Scaffolding - this is a way to automatically generate Web pages for each table in the database. Scaffolding lets you create a functional Web site for viewing and editing data based on the schema of the data. You can easily customize scaffolding elements or create new ones to override the default behavior.

MetaCarvel - MetaCarvel: A scaffolder for metagenomes

  •    C++

MetaCarvel is an updated version of previous metagenome scaffolder Bambus 2. To run MetaCarvel, you will need Python 3.7.x, Samtools, Bedtools, Networkx(Version >= 2.5), NumPy,and OGDF. This will generate a bunch of files in the output directory. If you are interested in output of each step of the scaffolding process, these files can be useful. The final output files are scaffolds.fasta - which contains sequences of scaffolds and scaffolds.agp is an agp style information for assignment of contigs to scaffolds.

l2tscaffolder - Scaffolders for bootstrapping development of open source forensics tools.

  •    Python

l2tscaffolder is a tool that provides scaffolders for various open source projects. It can be used to bootstrap plugin or parser generation for tools like plaso, to make development work easier. The purpose of the l2t scaffolder tool is to simplify development of various open source forensics tools, eg. plaso, timesketch, turbinia, etc.

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